“Saturday Night Live” and Host Tom Hanks Parody Final Debate in Brilliant Skit

Even though he accused them of rigging the election, the cast of “Saturday Night Live” has not backed off of parodying Donald Trump — and the Presidential debates. Over the weekend, “SNL” was back again to hilariously reenact last week’s third and final debate between presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Host Tom Hanks … Read more

Ellen Shares Video of Hillary Clinton and Ken Bone Dancing During the Second Presidential Debate and It Kind of Made the Thing Seem Way Less Bad (Kind Of)

If you watched the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, you were probably left thinking, “What just happened?” I mean, the whole thing was totally weird — but, as it turns out, I (and you) missed the most important part. Apparently, on the sidelines of the debate, Hillary and Ken Bone (you … Read more

Forget Drinking Games, This is the Most Positive Way to Watch (and Enjoy) the Presidential Debate

As the country gears up to hire a new President, we’re also gearing up to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tear each other apart on national television during the presidential debates. The candidates will take part in three scheduled debates and as every other website in the world tells you to play a drinking … Read more