See an Exclusive Clip From “Pure Country: Pure Heart”

Warner Bros. has released another segment in the “Pure Country” franchise. The film franchise, which began with George Strait’s acting debut in 1992, has added another installment with “Pure Country: Pure Heart.” It features Willie Nelson, Laura Bell Bundy and WWE legend Shawn Michaels. One Country has an exclusive clip from the new film which … Read more

WWE’s New Inspirational Movie is Not What You’d Expect From WWE

When think WWE, I think about wrestling. It’s a big, over the top, show unlike any other. I typically do not link them to the story of struggling musicians. But, that’s the story they’re telling in their new movie “Pure Country: Pure Heart.” With all the crossover between country music and wrestling fans, the pivot … Read more

Kyle Chandler Pretended to Be George Strait in “Pure Country” Nearly 25 Years Ago

In October 2017, it will be 25 years since the release of Pure Country, the film in which Kyle Chandler totally pretends to be George Strait, ahem Dusty. So I think it’s time to revisit the beloved country film. It’s been a few years, so you may not remember the details of George Strait’s film … Read more