Our 10 Burning Questions About Ivanka’s Odd Tweet

Ivanka Trump recently tweeted an adorable picture of her and her infant nephew, Luke. That’s fine. It’s cute. It’s great. Whatever. But her caption is a little more than confusing. “Cuddling my little nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!” Oh, that’s so– OTHERWISE!? Could it be a typo? Maybe, but she … Read more

John Cena Goes Undercover on the Internet and Responds to People’s Questions and Comments

Prime directive #1: never go to the comments section. EVER! What you find there will scar your in mind, heart, and soul. The only way to truly meet the darkness there is undercover in a brief battle answering the internet’s burning questions and then disappear into the night like Batman. That was John Cena’s strategy, … Read more