9 Movies/Series/Documentaries Currently on Netflix That Every Country Fan Should See

Dolly Jana Trace Netflix Movies

How many times have you been searching Netflix for something to watch, or asking friends what the recommend for your next binge-watching session? Well, look no further. One Country is sharing some of are favorite country themed shows, movies or documentaries we think every country fan will love.  From Jana Kramer’s “Heart of the Country” … Read more

Rachel Bilson is Ready to Move from “The O.C.” to “Nashville” (And She Thinks RocketDog Flip-Flops Should Stay in the Early 2000s)

After the death of Queen Rayna on “Nashville,” Deacon Claybourne and Silicon Valley techie Zach Welles have been in desperate need of help at Highway 65 Records. Since Zach is a brilliant billionaire, he brilliantly decided to bring in Summer Roberts from “The O.C.” to rejoin her old pal Luke down South. Except, her real … Read more

6 TV Characters Who Should Move to “Nashville” Tomorrow

With Rayna James’ death and the addition of Rachel Bilson, “Nashville” is the hot place to be. Unless, of course, you’re Rayna and your surgery at a Nashville hospital went terribly wrong and only family could be in the ICU, but they let your daughter’s 6th grade choir in to sing a song. Since Connie … Read more

“Nashville” Bringing on Summer Roberts from “The OC” (Rachel Bilson) for Remainder of Season 5

As fans are still reeling from the death of Queen Rayna, “Nashville” is ready to introduce Summer Roberts to the 615. Assuming Summer from the legendary teen drama “The OC” is still happily married to Seth, it’ll actually be Rachel Bilson coming to the set everyday. You’ll also remember that Will Lexington lived in the … Read more