7 Real Life Prices of Your Favorite TV Character Homes

Some of our favorite TV characters live in really cool spots, others boast a more modern approach to life. But, do you really think the characters could afford to live in their actual homes? 7 Real Life Prices of Your Favorite TV Character Homes: 1. Eric and Tami Taylor The Taylor home is actually in … Read more

Kacey Musgraves Wants to Tour with Rayna James, So No One Tell Her Why That Can’t Happen Because We’re Really Pulling For It

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– if you aren’t following Kacey Musgraves on Twitter and/or Instagram, you aren’t Internet-ting the correct way. Kacey’s one of the last greats that’s still out there tweeting what she thinks and what she wants to say. Sometimes, Kacey is emo. Sometimes, she goes off about random … Read more

Connie Britton Isn’t Saying She Won’t Come Back to “Nashville” as Rayna’s Evil Twin

Connie Britton made her first public appearance since the death of Rayna James on “Nashville” and Stephen Colbert presented her with an interesting option for returning to the show. First, Colbert wanted to confirm, several times, that Rayna was actually and totally dead. “She’s really dead. I’m sorry,” she said as she explained that Rayna … Read more

CMT Released an “In Memoriam” Video for Rayna James and… Sure, Okay

I woke up the morning after Rayna James, a fake TV character, was killed off of “Nashville” as mad as I’ve ever been about a TV show. How could they do this to the country music queen? How will we deal with all of the teen angst from Maddie if Rayna isn’t there to rein … Read more

HOLY COW: Rayna James Deserved a Much Better Ending Than That on “Nashville”

There are no words. No sun in the sky. No good in the world. Rayna James has been killed in a tragic car accident. The biggest country music star on “Nashville” is no longer alive and a part of me has died with her. First and foremost, Connie Britton is one of the greatest character … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 8: Rayna Bargains with Her Stalker and Juliette is Becoming a Biblical Scholar

Last week, Juliette didn’t exist. Scarlett felt something for the guy. But, this week, Juliette is back and she’s not only in church, she’s in a Bible study! Maddie is getting bolder and bolder, too. “Nashville” Season 5, Episode 8: Rayna Bargains with Her Stalker and Juliette is Becoming a Biblical Scholar”: Daphne made bacon … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 7: Maddie Explains, Rayna and Deacon Write a Song, Juliette Got Lost on the Way Home From Church

Once again, an entire episode of “Nashville” has aired and entire plotlines and characters have disappeared. Juliette and Avery must have gotten lost on the way home from church and Will is on tour, maybe? Did Rayna buy Luke Wheeler’s record label? So many questions. “Nashville” Season 5, Episode 7: Maddie Explains, Rayna and Deacon … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 6: Rayna Can’t Even and Luke Wheeler Still Exists

Last week we finally met Rayna’s stalker, Scarlett got in a fight and Will stepped out on his own. 46 Thoughts on “Nashville,” Season 5, Episode 6: 1. Deacon doesn’t think people attack people just to be friends. Same. 2. OMG. Dolly Parton recommended this security team? Dolly is always there for people. 3. Rayna … Read more

“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 5: Will Anyone Ever Listen to Scarlett? And Where’s All the Music?

As season five of “Nashville” truly starts to take shape, the plot holes and questions are also starting to take shape. Last episode, we didn’t see Maddie or her new beau once. This episode, Avery and Juliette must be off doing physical therapy in another state because they’re totally gone. Kevin and Will were sure … Read more

42 Thoughts on Nashville Season 5, Episode 2

Season 5 of “Nashville” is only two episodes in and I’m already asking myself a lot of questions— does Teddy still exist? Is Cash in prison? Do I have to forget about those people? What happened to that bar Deacon owned? Maybe those things don’t matter in the long run. But, still. 42 Thoughts on … Read more

38 Thoughts About the “Nashville” Season Premiere

The first hour of CMT’s 2-hour season five “Nashville” premiere aired previously. I picked up with the second hour. “Nashville” hasn’t wasted anytime moving these characters right along. In some cases, that means totally forgetting about past storylines. Are Gunnar and Scarlett really arguing over those texts? Does she really text him that early in … Read more

36 Thoughts I Had During That “Nashville” Sneak Peek

In one of the most redeeming moments of 2016, CMT, our most beloved country music channel saved our most beloved country music show, “Nashville” at the last hour. And after months of waiting, CMT has aired a sneak peek. And I had some thoughts. 36 Thoughts I Had During That “Nashville” Sneak Peek: 1. Is … Read more