Social Media Erupts With Outrage After Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped

Jussie Smollett twitter reactions erupt after dropped charges

When news breaks in the world, leave it to the people of Twitter to say what’s on their minds. In the wake of the Jussie Smollett racial attack case, where all 16 felony counts were dropped for filing a false police attack Tuesday morning, Jussie became a trending topic on Twitter. Fans from around the … Read more

Robert Irwin Returns To Terrify Jimmy Fallon With More Exotic Animals On “The Tonight Show”

Robert Irwin, Prince of the Animal Kingdom, returned to “The Tonight Show” and brought with him a gaggle of exotic animals. The kid is relaxed and comfortable around crocodiles, so animals that make lions afraid don’t bother him. Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, wasn’t very comfortable even with the more adorable baby animals. Sometimes … Read more