The Greatest Country Music Duets Ever

According to Webster’s, a duet is simply a musical composition for two voices or instruments. And the best thing about a duet is there are no guidelines for those voices. You could have a soulful married couple singing longingly to each other for the world to hear or just two friends singing about the demise … Read more

An Opry Invitation for the Ages: Little Big Town

During Little Big Town‘s recent performance at the Grand Ole Opry, a certain guest– Reba McEntire interrupted the quartet’s famous, “Motor boatin’,” line of their hit, “Pontoon.” The interruption was obviously an invitation to become members of the Grand Ole Opry and it was quite the invitation! Safe to say, if someone in Nashville is … Read more

This Day in Country Music History: Reba McEntire and Patsy Cline Reach the Top Spot

August 7th was an iconic day in the careers of two of the leading ladies of country music. In 2004, Reba’s single, “Somebody,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Music Charts. Reba has done movies and TV shows, but her heart lies where she started– country music. She is definitely one of the most … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Welcomes Baby; What Will Reba be Called?

Over the weekend, Kelly Clarkson and husband, Brandon Blackstock, welcomed their daughter into the world. This is big news on all fronts and we’re very excited for Kelly and Brandon, but a few questions remain. Like: what is Reba McEntire’s grandmother name going to be? We can’t find anything revealing the name, so we’ve come … Read more

10 Best Female Country Music Ballads

When you examine the breadth of country music, women tend to dig quite deep into their emotional arsenal of stories and themes–often breaking ground on topics not previously explored. From the early work of Kitty Wells to the more recent stylistic approach of Lee Ann Womack, you can find a wide range of musical influences … Read more

Classic Country Music: Is There Life Out There

To be completely honest, there’s not a classic country music video I love more than this one. Reba McEntire‘s song, “Is There Life Out There,” is not only an uplifting tale of never giving up on a dream and overcoming adversary, but the video features Huey Lewis and a great scene where Reba and her … Read more

Reba McEntire: Life Lessons

I don’t disagree with the fact that you learn a lot of valuable lessons about life in kindergarten. Like, Sharing is caring. Avoid hitting others. Clean up after yourself. Wash your hands. Often. But, what about the other stuff? What about the hard stuff that can’t be solved by taking a nap every afternoon? (By the way, who’s allowed to … Read more

Nashville’s Most-Loved Female Role Models

When people think of country music stars, they often think of cowboys – and a male-dominated or slightly sexist industry. However, today, there are many female country artists who are leading the way as the face of the industry, not only delivering fantastic music, but also serving as outstanding role models for young women. Check … Read more