Mandy Moore Wins Social Media With Fabulous #10YearChallenge Post

With us mere mortals and celebrities joining together to take part in the #10YearChallenge, Mandy Moore has left us all in the dust. While there are many incarnations of the !0 year challenge being posted, for example the grape and the raisin, Mandy Moore has hands down won the challenge. In her own post, Mandy … Read more

Mandy Moore Says the Ending of “This is Us” is Going to be “Very Satisfying to People” But We Aren’t Ready to Talk About It

With season 3 of “This is Us” headed our way this fall, there’s already lots of speculation and guessing going around about what the season will hold. A few of the cast members have given sneak peeks at what could lie ahead for their characters— the director even shared that they’d shot a few scenes … Read more