How To Make Sangria Grapes That Are Dangerously Delicious

If you’re a sangria fan, this is about to be your new favorite recipe ever! It’s simple, easy to make and is perfect for serving up at your next get together— especially one where wine is involved. How To Make Sangria Grapes:  Ingredients:  1 bottle of red wine 2 lb. of red grapes 1/2 cup sugar … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Defended Red Wine After Maren Morris Said It Was “Gross”

It’s the great wine debate! In what might be one of the most unpopular opinions ever, Maren Morris took to Twitter to share that she doesn’t enjoy red wine. “Guys, I hate to tell you this, but red wine is gross,” she said. I always like to say to each their own, but even this one … Read more

It’s Time You Tried Calimocho, The Redneck Sangria From Spain

Calimocho, also known as the poor man’s sangria, is a Basque beverage, rooted in the Northeast of Spain along the French border. I might even call it redneck sangria. It is simple, cheap, and astonishingly refreshing. There’s no room for being uppity with Calimocho–no vintage wines or fancy herbal mixes. Go get a bottle of … Read more