Ashley Monroe’s ‘Sparrow’ is Country Music at Its Absolute Best

Album reviews are kind of pointless these days. Why should my opinion on an album make you want to listen it or not? And who wants to read 1,200 words about something you should be listening to anyway? That being said, my official review for Ashley Monroe’s brand new album, Sparrow, is that it is … Read more

15 Best Twitter Reviews of Kacey Musgraves’ Brilliant New Album, ‘Golden Hour’

For the most part, as a professional, I don’t love writing album reviews because I don’t think a review of an entire body of work– like an album– should be written until someone has spent an inordinate amount of hours with it. It’s also hard not to let personal feelings get in the way of … Read more

8 Best Lyrical Turns on Kacey Musgraves’ Masterful ‘Golden Hour’

Finally, Kacey Musgraves‘ fourth studio album (yes, we count that brilliant Christmas compilation), Golden Hour, is here for the world’s consumption. If you start listening to it thinking you’re going to hear the classic Country and Western Musgraves has become known for– you will and you won’t. You definitely won’t. If you don’t head into … Read more

Dierks Bentley’s Brand New “Woman, Amen” Is A Prayer About His Wife

Dierks Bentley’s first single from his recently announced, upcoming album, The Mountain, is here and it’s a different vibe, but very Bentley. After a series of mysterious videos, Bentley announced the upcoming project which was recorded in Telluride, Colorado after a writer’s retreat inspired him to actually record there too. The first snippet Bentley introduced … Read more

12 Most Hilarious/Confusing Reviews of Justin Timberlake’s New Song “Filthy”

As someone who reviews and listens to music for a living, I try really hard to listen to the song multiple times over before truly throwing out my opinion. I’m so glad people on the Internet don’t always hold themselves to that standard because if they did, life would be a lot less entertaining. Earlier … Read more

Yes, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s First Ever Duets Album Passes the Drivin’ Around Town Test

As individual artists, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have enough accolades to fill several rooms. Even two of their collaborative singles won them GRAMMYs together in 2000 for “It’s Your Love” and in 2006 for “Like We Never Loved At All.”

Now, after 21 years of marriage, three kids and a return to the stage together, the superstars have finally released a full album of duets. The Rest of Our Life features 11 songs with Tim and Faith both getting top billing.

This spring, the album’s first single, “Speak To A Girl,” started off strong, but didn’t have a real lasting impact. In recent weeks, the title track, “The Rest Of Our Life” has garnered much critical and fan praise.

But, what about the rest of the album? Do Tim and Faith still have it?

Oh, yeah. And then some.

Instant Reactions to Every Track on Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation’ (It’s Good and You Might Not Hate It)

Here’s how this is going to go: I turned on Taylor Swift‘s sixth studio album, reputation, and started with track No. 2 and went down the list and captured the first thoughts that came to my mind. I looked up a few lyrics when necessary, but read no other commentary. For me, this is about … Read more

7 Best Lyrical Turns on Kelsea Ballerini’s New ‘Unapologetically’ Album

Kelsea Ballerini’s sophomore album, UnapologeticallyUnapologetically, is finally here and this one comes without a tweet from Taylor Swift, but support from some of Nashville’s most respected and successful songwriters in Nashville. While Ballerini’s debut album, The First Time, was ultra-successful it’s easy to tell she’s grown leaps and bounds in her songwriting, musicality and life … Read more

You Better Believe Shania Twain’s First New Album in 15 Years Passes the Driving Around Town Test

Here are the facts– Shania Twain has sold more albums than any female country music artist in history. Actually, the only country artists that have sold more than albums than her are Garth Brooks and George Strait. And really, she’s only released five studio albums, one greatest hits album and a live album to Strait’s … Read more

Thomas Rhett’s ‘Life Changes’ Album Is Going to Be the One That Makes Him a Hall of Famer

In 2014 Thomas Rhett was a scruffy, up-and-coming singer-songwriter with a few decent songwriting credits– Jason Aldean’s “1994,” Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party,” and Florida Georgia Line’s “Round Here.” His debut album, It Goes Like This, was starting to pick up steam after its first two singles didn’t chart on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart and … Read more

Album Review: Zac Brown Band Returns to Their Roots with ‘Welcome Home’

Regardless where we go in life, our roots ground us, inspire us to stay true to who we once were and propel us to forge ahead a future as bright and jarringly-comfortable as when we were kids. We can still change with the passing of the seasons and wish we hadn’t– but that’s the nature … Read more

6 Best Lyrical Turns from Chris Stapleton’s New ‘From A Room: Vol. 1’

Two years to the day after releasing his debut album, Traveller, Chris Stapleton has given country music fans something to talk about with his sophomore effort, From A Room: Volume 1. Because only Chris Stapleton has this many songs at his ready, every track on the new release was actually written pre-Traveller. The effort is … Read more