“One Day at a Time” Cancelled By Netflix After Three Seasons

One Day at a Time Cancelled by Netflix after three seasons

Netflix announced that they are cancelling the sitcom, “One Day at a Time,” after three seasons. The remake starring Rita Moreno and Justina Machado, followed a divorced woman raising her two teenaged children, while living with her mother, played by Moreno. Co-creator Mike Royce took to Twitter to share the sad news. “Last night, Netflix … Read more

Rita Moreno Wore Her Dress From the 1962 Oscars to the 2018 Oscars and We Love Her For It

The 90th Annual Oscars have officially come to a close, and we’re still not over some of the big moments that happened– like the fact that “West Side Story” star Rita Moreno basically took us on the best, most iconic trip down memory lane when she hit the red carpet. Back in 1962, Moreno won … Read more