7 Most Beautiful Churches in America

You don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to see historic, beautiful, and architecturally stunning churches or chapels. Check out these seven incredibly beautiful churches/chapels located right here in the United States. 7 Most Beautiful Churches in America: 1. Memorial Presbyterian Church // St. Augustine, Florida St. Augustine Benefactor Henry Morrison Flagler provided … Read more

7 of the Weirdest/Coolest Restaurants in the South

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This Map Shows You When And Where To See The Best Fall Foliage This Year

Marriot International has released a map showing when and where you can experience peak fall foliage across the United States and Canada this year, and we wish we could plan a road trip to see it all! According to Marriot, they’ve mapped 14 locations across the U.S. and Canada that are “home to some of … Read more

Best Whiskey in Every State

Most people will agree, the absolute best whiskey in America comes from Kentucky. Likewise, Tennessee’ is most famous for Jack Daniels . But what about whiskeys from other states? Are they worth sampling? Below are the best whiskeys in every state that aren’t Kentucky or Tennessee. So can any of these distilleries wrestle the long-held … Read more

You Can Rent This Barn From “Fixer Upper” On Airbnb For $544 Per Night

Now that we’ve heard the news that “Fixer Upper” is ending after season 5, we’re trying to soak in all the Chip and Joanna we can get. As it turns out, there’s a few of the houses Chip and Joanna have fixed up on the show that you can rent on Airbnb for a decent … Read more

7 Seriously Adorable Airstream Trailers You Can Rent on Airbnb

Airbnb might be one of the best inventions ever. From mansions to ranch houses to cabins, you can find anything to fit your budget or number of guests in nearly any location. But my newest Airbnb obsession? Airstream trailers. For a low price you can channel your inner Miranda Lambert and kick it in a … Read more

8 Road Trips You Need to Take This Fall

The autumn months are an ideal time to hit the road. Temperatures are mild, kids are back in school and the highways — for the most part — are less crowded. These eight trips that combine gorgeous scenery with cultural attractions, happening cities and towns, and plenty of things to do. So gas up the … Read more

15 Best College Football Tailgating Experiences

Tailgating. While nearly every sport in the world does it, college football does it best (and some schools do it way better than others). With that in mind, here is a list of the top 15 tailgating schools in college football. Did I leave your school off the list? 15 Best College Football Tailgating Experiences: … Read more

8 Super Cool and Creepy Abandoned Places in the Midwest You Can Visit

“Out with the old and in with the new,” that’s the saying that comes to mind when I see once beautiful buildings transformed into decaying ruins. There’s something intriguing and awe-inspiring, (if not a bit creepy), about walking the grounds of these ruins and wondering what stories their crumbling walls could tell. If you like … Read more

7 Must-See Wild West Ghost Towns in the USA

The term “ghost town” has an ominous tone, but most of the ghost towns in the United States used to be mining towns that boomed quickly then died out when the mines dried up and the townspeople left in search of better luck elsewhere.The dilapidated buildings and ruins of these towns serve as a living … Read more

Apple Music’s New Ad Is A Look At A Day In The Life Of Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert and Apple Music are an unlikely pair. In fact, Gilbert didn’t even think about doing commercials before the music streaming service approached him. But the resulting two minute, black and white ad became a story, a day in the life, for Gilbert and his friends as they rode down deserted highways to a … Read more