5 Historically Haunted Southern Road Trip Stops

A popular summer pastime is sitting around a bonfire at night, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories with friends. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy a good ghost story, but summer is the perfect time to test those stories with a haunted road trip! We found five stops around the South for your … Read more 5 Historically Haunted Southern Road Trip Stops

Spring Break Playlist

I’m about 11 years past Spring Break, but I know it exists and happens without my participation. Because of different school districts and university schedules, Spring Break lasts around 6 weeks. Yes, 6 long weeks of everyone’s beach pics, ski slope stylings and European Instagrams. No matter your age– there’s no escaping Spring Break. So, … Read more Spring Break Playlist

5 Can’t Miss Texas Breweries

What does a girl (Okay, middle aged woman) who drinks light beer know about specialty Texas brew? Well, admittedly not much. But, lack of knowledge on a subject rarely prohibits me from acting like I know it all. With some input from a few friends, I’ve come up with a short list of great Texas … Read more 5 Can’t Miss Texas Breweries