Rosanne Cash Takes a Stand After Daughter is Verbally Assaulted for Wearing a Face Mask

Rosanne Cash daughter harrassed for wearing mask

Who would have thought something as simple as wearing a face mask would provoke an adult to spew hate and venom at a perfect stranger? It seems far-fetched, but singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash assure us that it is very much an actual scenario that her daughter experienced recently in Nashville. Rosanne shared the heartbreaking incident on … Read more

2015 Nashville Songwriters Association Gala Celebrates Inductees and Award-Winners

This year, four legendary country music icons, Rosanne Cash, Mark James, Even Stevens and Craig Wiseman, were inducted into Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. The four new inductees were just a few of the honorees who were celebrated with songs and speeches at the Nashville Songwriters Association’s annual gala dinner. It was a special and emotional night for … Read more