10 Women in Country Music Who Deserve to Breakout Already

Women are underrated. Somehow (even though it’s not exactly a mystery), we are still combating equal rights, which is terrifyingly reflected on the airwaves. Looking at the country radio charts any given week, there might be two or three solo women present ⎯⎯ but even that is becoming a rarity these days. With Carrie Underwood … Read more

Exclusive Premiere: Ruthie Collins Releases Lyric Video For “Get Drunk and Cry”

Newcomer Ruthie Collins, who made a splash on the country music scene with her modernized version of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Ramblin’ Man,” is slowing things down a bit with the release of her new single, “Get Drunk and Cry.” Collins, who hails from Fredonia, N.Y., began her country music career in a duo called Wild … Read more

Ruthie Collins is All About Giving Back and Taking Part in Christmas Traditions

Ruthie Collins is a rare jewel. The country music singer-songwriter is all about DIY projects and making old things new. She’s as gifted in the recording studio as she is with a Pinterest project, but no matter what she’s working on or what she’s singing, one thing is for sure– her heart is as pure … Read more