Jessica Simpson Reveals She Shared a Kiss With Justin Timberlake

Jessica Simpson talks about Justin Timberlake kiss

Every time we think we know everything about Jessica Simpson, we find out something else. And yes, this one is a doozy. [RELATED: Jessica Simpson’s Upcoming Memoir Details Traumatic Past: ‘I Was Killing Myself’] During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday (Jan. 29,) the singer and actress revealed that shortly after her divorce from … Read more

Ryan Gosling’s Kids Are Confused About What He Does for a Living

Set to star in the new movie “First Man,” Ryan Gosling has been spending many hours hard at work on set. And yes, his absence has gotten his daughters a tad perplexed. “They came to set and they came on this day where I was shooting a launch scene,” Gosling recently told talk show host … Read more

Ellen Asked Ryan Gosling A Bunch of Personal Questions and He Was Visibly and Hilariously Squeamish

Ryan Gosling is famously private. Like, is he actually married to Eva Mendes? Does he really have two daughters or are there more? Gosling and Mendes have been together long enough to have multiple children (supposedly), but they don’t make any personal appearances together. The man won an Oscar and he walked the red carpet … Read more

The Audience On “The Ellen Show” Went Absolutely BONKERS During His Entrance

Look, we all have that one celebrity who, if we saw them in public, would go crazy and ask for a selfie. If we saw them on a show, we might scream. But somehow, Ellen got every Ryan Gosling psycho-fan in a room for his interview and they went completely nuts. It was Beatlemania all … Read more

Ryan Gosling And Jimmy Kimmel Got Honest And Personal In Their Post Las Vegas Interview

Ryan Gosling has been on just about every late night TV couch promoting his upcoming film “Blade Runner 2049”, but given the circumstances, it’s probably not what he would choose to do. In the wake of earthquakes, hurricanes, and mass violence, he wasn’t able to just promote a movie like nothing was happening. Instead, he … Read more

8 GIFS of Ryan Gosling Laughing on “Saturday Night Live” When He Shouldn’t

If you haven’t seen Ryan Gosling host “Saturday Night Live,” you may not be aware of how many times he’s broken character during a sketch by laughing. Most notably, Ryan totally lost it in 2015 during an alien abduction sketch with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. During his most recent hosting gig he reprised his … Read more

Ryan Gosling Loses It (Again) During SNL Alien Abduction Sketch

It seems like it was just yesterday that Ryan Gosling hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the first time and was abducted by aliens, but it was actually 2015. This time around for the 42nd season premiere, Gosling was once again abducted by aliens and forced to recount the experience with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. … Read more

“La La Land” Choreographer Mandy Moore Shows How She Pulled Of That Iconic Freeway Scene

“La La Land” was iconic in many ways: it is a beautiful movie about the struggle of achieving dreams, the difficulty and magic of romance, and celebration of the golden age of Hollywood. But making an iconic movie is no easy task. Choreographer Mandy Moore (not that Mandy Moore) sat down with Vanity Fair to … Read more

Kid Goes Over-The-Top Asking Emma Stone to Prom, Makes Friends Look Bad

Kids these days. In my day, we just asked a girl to prom and she always said, “No! Gross, get away from me!” Now it’s a movie production– it’s Ryan Gosling and Hollywood. It’s vegan iPhones and “can I be viral yet?” How can a lady turn that down? For example, Jacob- the kid who … Read more

Ryan Gosling Finally Explained Why He Couldn’t Quit Giggling During that Oscars Fiasco

You may remember that this year’s Oscars ceremony ended with a real bang in the form of “La La Land” spending close to 2 minutes on stage accepting the award for Best Picture, that they didn’t win. And you may remember that one of the stars from “La La Land,” Ryan Gosling, just kind of … Read more

13 Can’t Miss Looks from the 2017 Oscars

For the most part, the Oscars were pretty low-key this year. No major political protests. No one threw anything or cussed on stage. And honestly, no one looked terrible. For the most part. 13 Can’t Miss Looks from the 2017 Oscars: 1. Keith Urban served as support for Nicole Kidman and the two looked as … Read more

11 Celebrity Audience Reactions That Perfectly Summarize the Best Picture Fiasco

In case you missed it (and if you did, how?), the wrong Best Picture winner was announced at the 2017 Academy Awards. What happened was — Warren Beatty was handed the Actress in a Leading Role envelope, instead of the Best Picture envelope. When Warren noticed an issue with the card, he paused (most people … Read more