10 Best Celebrity Instagrams from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes might be the least stuffy awards show of the year and to prove it, celebrities love posting Instagram photos throughout the night. Some, more entertaining than others. Others, more interesting. 10 Best Instagram Photos from the Golden Globes: 1. Goldie Hawn got ready by relaxing. Or taking a sedative? View this post … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Credits Wife Blake Lively for Keeping Him “Sane”

It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of the cutest couples on the planet. Since 2011, the two have basically defined #RelationshipGoals. Not only are they insanely good-looking, but they’re super talented, incredibly down-to-Earth and, most importantly, wildly supportive of each other and their separate careers. Oh, and did I mention … Read more

Blake Lively Says She and Ryan Reynolds Fell in Love While on a Double Date Together, But with Different People

Although actors (and total babes) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have known each other for years (think “Green Lantern”), things between the two of them haven’t always been hot and heavy. In the beginning, Blake basically saw Ryan as someone who could set her up on dates and inform her about movie castings. It wasn’t … Read more

21 Things Our Favorite Celebrities Should Vow to Do in 2017

I don’t know about you, but I have hope for 2017 — mainly because things can’t get much worse. So, since I have my positivity goggles on and I’m looking hopefully toward the New Year, I’ve compiled a list of things that my (and probably your) favorite celebrities should do to make 2017 better. Who … Read more

Hugh Jackman Roasts Ryan Reynolds, as Ryan Reynolds

If you’ll remember, in the last scene of “Deadpool,” Ryan Reynolds appeared with a Hugh Jackman cutout over his face. The moment happened when Deadpool’s girlfriend went to remove his mask for the first time. In order to protect her from the shock of seeing his deformed face, he taped a picture of Hugh on … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Finally Addresses That Awkward Photo from Taylor Swift’s Party

If you’ll remember, pop icon and grade-A hostess Taylor Swift threw an epic Fourth of July bash earlier this year. At the party was the casual crew of Cara Delevingne, Halston Sage, Martha Hunt, Gigi Hadid, Matt Lucier, Rachel Platten, the Haim sisters, Uzo Aduba, Taylor’s brother Austin, Ruby Rose, Tom Hiddleston, Harley Gusman, Blake … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Sent a Super Sweet Birthday Tweet to Billy Ray Cyrus (and His Wife)

In case you were unaware, actor Ryan Reynolds is one funny guy. Yes, he’s super attractive and excellent at his craft, but my favorite thing about him, by far, is his unique sense of humor. Oh, and the fact that he’s married to total babe and my personal fashion icon Blake Lively. Giphy   So, … Read more

Blake Lively’s Daughter Mistakenly Calls Jimmy Fallon “Dada” (and It’s Adorable)

A few weeks ago “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon gifted actress (and total babe) Blake Lively with a life-size cardboard cutout of himself. He said he wanted her to have it so “she wouldn’t miss him” while she was away — LOL. Well, when revisiting the show more recently, Blake informed Jimmy that the cutout … Read more