Cam Captures Out Of This World Video of Space Rocket Launch

Just before Christmas, a flash of light lit up the California sky, scaring a few residents, as the SpaceX rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, north of Santa Barbara. Country singer Cam was one of those Californians witnessing the event, but she wasn’t scared. In fact, Cam was in a car heading down … Read more

10 Of Your Favorite Country Music Stars In a Photoshopped Santa Hat

Ever wondered if your favorite country music star is actually, maybe Santa Claus? Well, they could be. 10 Of Your Favorite Country Music Stars In a Photoshopped Santa Hat: 1. Sam Hunt Here comes Samta Claus! 2. Faith Hill Happy Hillidays! 3. Miranda Lambert ​Frankincense and Mirrrrrranda Lambert! 4. Luke Bryan It’s beginning to Luke … Read more

Lady A’s Hillary Scott Took a Great Photo with Santa in 1992

Oh, sweet Hillary Scott, thank you for this Christmas gift! Lady Antebellum’s Hillary is gearing up to have twins, but she’s also sharing a few Christmas gifts with the world. Mainly, this photo from her visit with Santa in 1992. Hillary captioned the photo, “Christmas ’92….when I was abnormally tall, had a bad haircut, and … Read more

13 #SantaFails That Are Super Hilarious and Kind Of Sad At The Same Time

Every year, parents across the world take their children to their local mall to get a picture of Santa Claus and every year, kids end up screaming in sheer terror, because let’s all be real for just a sec: It’s kind of creepy to make your kid pose with a complete stranger that is very … Read more

8 Terrifyingly Creepy Photos of Santa That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Santa Claus isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, especially when you think about that whole… “he sees you when you’re sleeping” thing paired with these creepy photos. Why the mask, Santa? Previous Next This Santa might actually be dead. Previous Next Santa couldn’t even get a reindeer. Had to settle for a donkey. Previous … Read more

Charles Kelley’s Son Met Santa and He Might Hate Him

Charles Kelley’s son is the absolute cutest and he might be even cuter when he’s screamin’ mad. Like the time he met Santa and wasn’t wearing shoes and clearly wanted to be anywhere but in Santa’s lap. Charles tried to explain to little Ward that Santa was just a guy who comes into his house … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Interview a Little Girl to Determine if She’s Been Naughty or Nice (and It’s Hilarious)

Christmas is almost here and Santa is incredibly busy preparing for his biggest day of the year. In order to help lighten Santa’s load, Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo have volunteered as Santa’s helpers for the season. They help him by interviewing children and determining if they are naughty or nice. Their first candidate, a little girl named Elynn, … Read more

JImmy Fallon Hosted New (Creepy) Santa on “The Tonight Show”

Declaring that, “the Kris Kringle we all grew up with is old and lame,” Will Ferrell introduced Jimmy Fallon and the rest of “The Tonight Show” audience to the new Santa. New Santa comes with a Bluetooth earpiece, has a camo bag and uses a t-shirt cannon to shoot treats at people. And his sleigh? No … Read more

If Country Music Stars Were Santa’s Reindeer

Long before “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” became a holiday staple, Clement C. Moore introduced the world to Santa’s eight reindeer. In the 1823 poem, “The Night Before Christmas,” Moore made Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blixem mainstream Christmas lore. Rudolph came onto the scene much later. These reindeer, like country music, … Read more