Monica Lewinsky Will Speak Her Truth in Upcoming ‘American Crime Story’

Monica Lewinsky producing American Crime Story on Clinton

Nearly 25 years since the sex scandal that lead to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial back in the nineties comes word of a new season of American Crime Story that will focus in on those tense days. [RELATED: Former President Bill Clinton Gives Touching Speech During Aretha Franklin’s Funeral] And guess what? Monica Lewinsky will … Read more

Sarah Paulson Gets Revenge By Scaring Ellen DeGeneres But It Backfires

Sarah Paulson Ellen DeGeneres Show scaring revenge

Ellen DeGeneres is known for scaring the daylights out of celebrities when they visit her show. So in a twist of fate, actress Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Ocean’s 8) wanted to turn the tables and try to get revenge by scaring Ellen. In the past, Ellen scared Sarah so badly she ended up hiding … Read more

Ellen Scared ‘American Horror Story’ Star Sarah Paulson So Badly She Crawled Under A Table

I have never seen “American Horror Story”, but judging by the title, I can guess it’s pretty scary. You would think the stars of the show would at least enjoy horror or being scared. Not Sarah Paulson. She hates being scared. So why wouldn’t Ellen scare her not once, but three times when she visited … Read more