Blake Shelton Gets Scared By a Special Guest on Ellen— “I Just Crapped My Pants”

Ellen DeGeneres and Julie Bowen scare Blake Shelton on Talk show

Blake Shelton stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, something he’s done quite a lot over his career, to talk about his success on NBC’s hit show The Voice.  However, this time was different. As Blake and Ellen talked about everything from falling off the stage and Cheetos Christmas trees to The Voice and Wisconsin, … Read more

Chris Hemsworth Gets Quite a Scare Thanks To Ellen [Watch]

Chris Hemsworth scared during Ellen DeGeneres Show by mouse

If you play Thor on the big screen, you would think that nothing could scare you, right? Well, when Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he got quite a scare. Ellen is known for scaring such guests as Carrie Underwood, Kerri Washington, Jennifer Lopez and more. While Chris was out promoting his … Read more

Ellen Scared Members of BTS So Bad That They Fell Out of Their Seats

Ellen scares BTS on show

If you watch the Ellen DeGeneres show, you know that talk show host loves to scare the living daylights out of her celebrity guests. So when mega popular boy band, BTS joined her on the show to talk about their growing popularity, she couldn’t resist.

Ellen Scared ‘American Horror Story’ Star Sarah Paulson So Badly She Crawled Under A Table

I have never seen “American Horror Story”, but judging by the title, I can guess it’s pretty scary. You would think the stars of the show would at least enjoy horror or being scared. Not Sarah Paulson. She hates being scared. So why wouldn’t Ellen scare her not once, but three times when she visited … Read more