Kajesus! Kelly Clarkson Had A Close Encounter With A Bat and She Just Created a New Catchphrase

Kelly Clarkson was having a nice evening with her family, driving through the backwoods of her land just enjoying the summer air. Sure, there were bats out, but that’s good. They eat all the bugs. But one bat (and there’s always that one bat) decided to take a run at Clarkson inspiring one of the … Read more

People Terrified Their Fathers On Father’s Day Because Jimmy Kimmel Told Them To

As long as you live in your father’s house, you live by his rules. It’s his way or the highway. He can wear sock with sandals if he wants to. He may be quirky, but you love him. Jimmy Kimmel wanted American’s to share that love with their fathers with one caveat: scare him while … Read more

Local Reporter Was Not Ready For The New “Guardians of the Galaxy” Ride

Ah, local news, the bastion of information and justice in our cities fueled by the hard work of reporters digging for truth. That and one of the better sources of live bloopers. Local reporters are frequently caught unaware by cameras or fall prey to local pranksters trying to get their 15 seconds of viral fame. … Read more