The Best College Football Moment Of The Season Came From A Golfer

Ole Miss football (or any SEC football outside of Alabama), is a lackluster this year, which means it’s time for the smaller sports to step up and get fan bases excited again. Ole Miss junior Braden Thornberry, the reigning NCAA men’s golf individual champion and a member of last month’s victorious U.S. Walker Cup squad … Read more

Arkansas Football Gets An NFL Makeover For Their Game Against Texas A&M

SEC football is NFL-sized. Alabama regularly is pitted against low level NFL teams on ESPN debate shows. Seven of the fourteen SEC schools have a regular home game attendance larger than any NFL team. Arkansas, my team and, I’ll admit, a mid level SEC team, is taking a leap towards the NFL this week unlike … Read more

Bob Stoops Unexpectedly Resigns Position As Oklahoma Head Football Coach

In an abrupt announcement, Bob Stoops announced that he will be resigning from his position as the University of Oklahoma’s head football coach. The announcement came right as teams are accelerating preparations for the 2017-18 season. The vacancy left by Stoops will be filled by Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley. Stoops coached the Oklahoma Sooners … Read more

10 Ways Southerners Dress Their Babies

We have our own style down here in the South. Yes, even for our babies. Sure, it’s okay for our babies to wear a cute onesie from Target or whatever, but for special occasions (all major holidays, Sunday mornings at church, SEC games, picture day at school, or anytime grandma is visiting), Southerners step it … Read more

6 Tailgating Recipes from Around the SEC

Besides touchdowns and cheering, what is the most important thing about college game day? It’s the tailgating spread, of course. It doesn’t matter which team has your allegiance, keeping the food on theme is fun and exciting. Here are some of our favorite tailgate recipes to add to your Saturdays this fall. 1. UGA Red … Read more

Tailgating Recipes Straight from the Grove

Imagine 10 acres of tents decorated with chandeliers and flowers with women in cocktail dresses and men wearing slacks and button-down shirts with bow ties or ties and coats, but it’s not a wedding. It’s just game day in Oxford, Mississippi. There is a saying at Ole Miss, “We may not win every game, but … Read more