Scotty McCreery Looks Terrified Swimming with Sharks On His Honeymoon

Scotty McCreery swimming with sharks

Scotty McCreery proved his adventurous side several times during his honeymoon in Tahiti. While vacationing with his beautiful bride, Gabi, the “This Is It” singer took a rather daunting dive with sharks. The North Carolina native shared photos of his deep dive in the ocean with fans on Instagram. “Humans are friends, not food,” he … Read more

Michael Phelps is Going to Race a Shark and He Says He Wanted to Do It Without a Cage

My favorite new sub-genre in American pop culture is the Who Is Better, The Person Who Is Clearly The Best Or Someone Else? competitions. Who is more equipped to be the President, a former elected official or the guy from NBC’s “The Apprentice?” Who is better at boxing, an all-time great, or a guy that … Read more