Make The Perfect Mashed Potatoes Right From The Comfort Of Your Own Crockpot

It’s hard to go wrong with the perfect mashed potatoes. Creamy, buttery, rich, and decadent, they’re pretty much the classic comfort food. They’re also insanely easy to make, especially with this easy crock pot recipe. Simply stuff your ingredients inside the crock pot, wait, and have perfect mashed potatoes every time. Check them out.

Skip The Canned Gelatin And Make Homemade Cranberry Sauce This Year

Thanksgiving dinner is on the table, with everything from homemade green bean casserole, to a roasted turkey and grandma’s freshly baked rolls. Smiles decorate the seats, and laughter fills the air. Everything is right with the world, until you hear the icy sound of a can opener piercing a cold, lifeless can of cranberry sauce. … Read more

These Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos Might Be Your New Favorite Snack Or Side

Many of us have enjoyed stuff jalapenos. Loaded with cream cheese and other fillings, it’s hard to turn down that spicy, savory treat. These sausage stuffed jalapenos take it up one notch by adding meat, and we can’t say we won’t be eating these all the time after trying them. Check out this simple recipe … Read more

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Will Add Some Zest To Your Meals

Let’s face it; anything wrapped in bacon tastes incredible. If you can name it, it probably tastes better with bacon. These asparagus are no different. Wrapped in succulent bacon and covered in a savory sauce, these things will change the way you look at vegetables. Check this easy recipe out. Ingredients: 2 lb fresh asparagus, … Read more

Honey Roasted Carrots Are The Perfect Healthy Side To Any Fall Dish

It’s tough to eat vegetables, we know. So many recipes leave them bland, flat, and uninteresting. We tell kids to eat their veggies, but we can’t help but wince when we try to shovel some down. Fortunately, this recipe might change the way you view vegetables. These honey roasted carrots are naturally sweetened and spiced, … Read more

This Is The Tomato Sauce Recipe You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re still using jarred tomato sauce, we’ve got a recipe that might change your life. This recipe uses roasted heirloom tomatoes to really create a bold and rich flavor that’s hard to put down. This sauce is great over any pasta, or as a marinara dipping sauce. Check it out. Ingredients: 20 medium or … Read more

Crock Pot Bacon Cheese Potatoes Make For The Perfect Party Side

Whether you’re hosting a party, a get together, or a tailgate, having an easy side in the crockpot is a really simple way entertain. Simply stuff in your ingredients, converse with your guests or family, and if you have to leave the house, grab and go. Its ease makes this the perfect dish for any … Read more

This Volcano Potato Is Everything You Want In Life

This potato is actually everything you’re looking for when you’re trolling Facebook in the middle of the night looking at Tasty videos. Seriously. This hollowed potato is filled with cheese, wrapped in bacon and barbecue sauce, and topped with Sriracha. Yeah. If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, these are actually super easy to make. So … Read more

This Baked Cheesy Ranch Zucchini Makes For The Perfect Side Dish

If you’re not cooking zucchini this way, you’re doing it wrong. This stuff is loaded with cheesy garlic flavor, meaning you won’t even notice you’re eating your veggies. Check it out and never hate your vegetables again. Ingredients: 3-4 medium zucchini salt and pepper to taste 2 teaspoons garlic powder 2 tablespoons ranch seasoning ¼ … Read more

Guacamole For One Is The Easiest Way You’ll Ever Make Guacamole

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love guacamole. It’s the perfect snack, dip, appetizer, or side, and it even tops things well. The only problem is, sometimes you don’t want to make a ton of it. After all, who wants to eat brown guacamole? If you’re a single person, or you just … Read more

These 3 Ingredient Bacon Jalapeño Poppers Won’t Disappoint

You want a tasty side, snack, or appetizer, but you don’t want a super involved grocery trip. Cooking is great and all, but maybe you also want to avoid a lengthy prep process today. For that, we have these incredible jalapeño poppers. These only have 3 ingredients, and they’re super easy to make. Try them … Read more

Parmesan Tomatoes Might Be The Snack You Need In Your Life

Whether you’ve picked up a bunch of tomatoes from the store in hopes of getting that Vitamin C in, or you’re stuck with a huge surplus of them from the garden, it’s always good to have something to do with extra tomatoes. These baked tomatoes are covered in cheese and spices, making them something that’s … Read more