Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Blackface Sketches, Claims He Won’t Be ‘Bullied Into Silence’

Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for blackface sketch

Just days after he announced he would be taking the summer off from his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night talk show host took the time to apologize for blackface sketches that he now calls ‘thoughtless’ and ‘embarrassing.’ “I have long been reluctant to address this, as I knew doing so would be celebrated … Read more

Snoop Dogg Mourns Death of 10-Day Old Grandson, Kai Love

Snoop Dogg mourns loss of 10 day old grandson Kai Love

Our condolences to Snoop Dogg and his family. Snoop’s 10-day old grandson, Kai Love, passed away in the hospital on Wednesday. Details surrounding the death have not been released, but Snoop’s son Corde Broadus (25), the baby’s father, shared the news on Instagram. [RELATED: Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Just Recreated a Scene from “Titanic” and … Read more

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Just Recreated a Scene from “Titanic” and It’s Epic

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg recreate the Titanic scene

On any given day, one can wake up and you can still feel like you are in a dream, or perhaps a nightmare. Chances are you felt a bit like that on Monday (March 25,) when you woke up to the newest video from none other than Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog. [RELATED: Snoop Dogg Just … Read more

Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg Team Up for Some Tunes in Carpool Karaoke: The Series

Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg Carpool Karaoke

When James Corden created Carpool Karaoke for his late late show, he had no idea how much the segment would take off. Much to the delight of fans, Apple has since created Carpool Karaoke: The Series, where celebrities (Other than just singers) ride around in cars together and sing songs. Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg … Read more

Hey Reba, Snoop Dogg Has Already Done a Duet with Willie Nelson

First off, I think Reba’s monologue to open up the 53rd Annual ACM Awards was pretty good. Instead of making Reba address the tragic events of October 1, they left that up to Jason Aldean, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan. Reba just got to tell the jokes. And unfortunately, one of … Read more

Snoop Dogg Just Shared a Pretty Iconic Story About Martha Stewart’s Jail Time and We Can’t Stop Thinking About It

We are living in a big, crazy world and one of the biggest, craziest things that’s ever happened in the world is Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg becoming best friends. Like, best friends. Luckily, for those interested, Snoop Dogg has stories about Martha that he’s willing to share and more than one happens to be … Read more

Willie Nelson Is The Only Person To ‘Out Smoke’ Snoop Dogg, “I Had To Hit The Timeout Button”

Snoop Dogg is visiting late night talk shows to promote his Gospel album. Yes, Snoop Dogg recorded an album of church songs. It’s real and surprisingly good. But it didn’t take long for him to return to his favorite subject: marijuana. Snoop is known for being a huge supporter of that particular plant, so much … Read more

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Recreated THAT Sexy Scene From “Ghost”

One of the sexiest scenes in cinema history is in 1990 blockbuster “Ghost” between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Need I say more? Even if you have never seen the movie you probably know the scene, in which Swayze sits behind Demi and helps her with her pottery. Well, two of TV’s most unlikely BFF’s– … Read more

Martha Stewart Loves Wine And Baking (But Mostly Wine) So Very Much

Martha Stewart has just dropped two, I repeat, TWO, new products: a baking cookbook and a wine subscription service. She is simultaneously changing the game by giving her readers healthy alternatives for their favorite baked goods and giving them the ability to “pour the right wine.” Judging by her segment with Seth Meyers, she prefers … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres and Snoop Dogg Danced Together at a Party Last Night, and LOL

If I’m being honest, Ellen DeGeneres and Snoop Dogg are two of my favorite people in Hollywood — but usually as like, separate entities. But, last night, the two talents met up at a party, where they danced together on stage and, as a result, created my new favorite, completely unexpected duo. Of course, I … Read more

Snoop Doog Really, Really Liked Little Big Town’s National Anthem Performance

Looks like Snoop Dogg is on the Little Big Town train. While watching the fabulous foursome nail the National Anthem before the College Football National Championship and begins his video with, “They sound good.I like that.” By the end, he can be heard saying, “Heyyyyyy,” clearing agreeing with the rest of the world on the … Read more

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Hood’ Christmas Traditions Are a Bit Different Than Martha Stewart’s Traditions

As much as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have in common, really– they don’t. Obviously. Sitting down to eat with Martha, Jason Derulo and Jamie Chung, Snoop explained his favorite hood Christmas tradition. It was something about screaming at his mama when the clock struck midnight. Things got really interesting when Snoop asked the group … Read more