Southerners Are Appalled By This Rave Review For Brooklyn BBQ

Some of the worst barbecue in the world is from New York City. They are the capital of pizza, Italian cuisine, and a dozen other styles of food but their brisket is appalling. In my opinion, if you are crazy enough to think that you should eat BBQ in New York, you deserve to eat bad food. But Munchies, a food-focused website, thinks that … Read more

9 Delectable Ways to Eat Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of those things that is really hard to mess up. Perhaps that’s why people are so adventurous with it. If you’re not following SouthernFatty on Instagram, I highly recommend it. He’s based in Nashville and eats the most amazing things. It’s southern food through and through. And one thing he loves … Read more

Kids Who Don’t Live In The South Discover Southern Food And Can’t Get Enough

For parents, dinner time, which once was an enjoyable social experience, is a battle. A child’s tastes and disposition do not lead them to eat healthy or even eat at all. And don’t even bother with giving them something new! What are you, crazy? But if you live in the South, dinnertime is slightly easier. … Read more

Young Southerners Try Pickled Pig’s Feet And, Spoiler, It’s Awful

The South has a rich and storied culinary history. but most of what we now know as “Southern food” is the best of what our history has created, or the refined forms thereof. We are proud of slow-roasted pulled pork, but would rather not think of burgoo–a slow roasted stew made up of whatever meat … Read more

14 Best BBQ Joints in the South

There’s nothing better than a hole-in-the-wall Southern BBQ joint. 14 Best BBQ Joints in the South: 14. The Joint: New Orleans, LA New Orleans isn’t exactly known for BBQ, but in 2004, The Joint started to change that. Try the pork ribs, which are coated in a Cajun rub that gives them a spicy, blackened … Read more

[Recipe] Jalapeno-Bacon Chicken and Waffles

There’s controversy on whether fried chicken and waffles are a “true” southern food. We’re not here to say they are or aren’t, but we can say that they are delicious! Try this Jalapeno-Bacon Chicken ‘n’ Waffle recipe to spice up dinner, breakfast, or any time you get the craving. And trust us, you will crave … Read more

5 Steps to Finding the Best Barbecue in Any City or State

Barbecue is as Southern as SEC Football. It is so engrained in our DNA that we take for granted how amazing and regionally specific it is. For example, in New York City, one of the biggest BBQ joints is called Dallas BBQ. Now, I’m not sure how much you know about barbecue, but Dallas ain’t … Read more

8 Things That Define Southern Hospitality

If you’ve never experienced Southern hospitality, you may wonder why Southerners make such a big deal about it. After all, isn’t it just the same as being neighborly and inviting friends over for dinner once in a while? Well, yes, that’s part of it, but it’s so much more than just that. Here are eight … Read more

Watch Sassy Southern Grandmothers React To Kid Cuisine

There’s nothing quite like a sassy Southern grandma. They tend to always speak their mind, and usually in the most hilarious way possible. Most Southern grandmas are great cooks, no doubt, but what happens if they’re introduced to something not quite up their alley? Check out these southern grandmas’ hilarious reactions to trying Kids Cuisine.

11 Traditional Southern Foods Ranked from Worst to Best

Living in the great American South is different than living anywhere else in the country. Sure, California has its sunny beaches and New England is super quaint and sophisticated, but no one travels to Michigan for a really good pulled pork sandwich. Food is just better in the South, but what’s the best of the … Read more