Everything I Needed to Know About Getting Gorgeous I Learned from a Southern Girl

I’m not saying I wasn’t cute before I counted Southern girls among my friends, but I’m much cuter now. By leaps of mascara and bounds of Aqua Net. Pedicures Are Not Optional Blame it on the rain. I grew up in the gorgeously green, and SUPER wet Pacific Northwest. In the extreme corner of Washington … Read more

10 Rules For Modern Southern Women

There’s a lot of talk about “the New South” and being “old school” and it is easy to get caught in the middle during transitional times and culture. Being a modern Southern woman is a dichotomy between being a lady and being a badass. If you’re doing it right, you can be both. 1. Learn … Read more

25 Things You Will Never Hear a Southern Girl Say

If you know anything about Southern women you are well aware they are talkers. They have been sharing their stories, tips and tricks with family and friends for generations. However, just because they are known for being quick to share their opinions (don’t worry, if it’s on the not-so-nice side, they will follow it up … Read more

Fashion Talk Only a Southern Girl Understands

There are certain fashion terms every girl (or even guy) is familiar with, like: runway, high-end, accessory, ready-wear, custom, washable. And then, there’s the type of fashion talk only a real Southern girl can understand. You know, like how one camo brand can have 12 different camo patterns and once you pick one of those … Read more

Southern Girls’ Rules: Tailgating

If there’s anything a true Southern girl knows, it’s that there are quite a bit of rules for one to follow. From how to address your second cousin’s third wife to what to wear to a funeral, to how to properly insult someone– there’s a Southern girl rule for everything. We’re here to help with … Read more

Southern Girl’s Guide to Surviving Humidity Beautifully

If you’ve spent more than 3.5 seconds in the South, you know about humidity. If you grew up in the South, you’ve lived it. And while we all are excited to know our skin stays naturally hydrated which ultimately means fewer wrinkles, there are some things that drive us crazy about it. For instance, step … Read more