A Canadian Company Ranked US States By How Polite They Are And Southern States Rank Really Low

We know that Canadians are polite, but that doesn’t mean they are nice. A Canadian cloud accounting firm called FreshBooks ranked every state according to how polite they are and, we would assume, that the South would rank the highest. Between our Southern charm, the manners our mothers drilled into us at a young age, … Read more

Young Southerners Try Pickled Pig’s Feet And, Spoiler, It’s Awful

The South has a rich and storied culinary history. but most of what we now know as “Southern food” is the best of what our history has created, or the refined forms thereof. We are proud of slow-roasted pulled pork, but would rather not think of burgoo–a slow roasted stew made up of whatever meat … Read more

Warning: Do Not Give Your Meemaw And Papaw Bubble Tea, They Will Hate It

In the South, we have a deep and abiding love for our grandparents. It’s not that other folks don’t, but southern grandparents are unique. To them, “tea” is best brewed in the summer sun and sweetened with sugar or honey. It certainly isn’t thick and full of tapioca balls. Southern Living convinced a group of … Read more

The One Thing Wedding Guests Do That Ruins Weddings

Two words. Electronic devices. Specifically, cell phones and tablets. While we can’t actually blame the devices, we can blame the guests who are using them. Thomas Stewart, a professional photographer based in Australia, is over guests with cell phones and tablets at weddings. In a 530-word Facebook rant, he asks, no, he begs brides and … Read more

6 Fall Decorating Tips From An Old Favorite

Fall is such a popular season. The weather is great, the colors pop, the fires crackle, the drinks mix a little stronger and the home improvement projects are just fun. Whether you’re entertaining guests with the “Great Pumpkin” or waking up someone’s sweet tooth with the enticing scent of cinnamon apples, Southern Living knows best … Read more