Will Hoge’s “Southern Man” is Gripping Indictment of the Confederate Flag

Growing up in Franklin, Tennessee, Will Hoge was proud to be a Franklin High School Rebel and felt a sort of allegiance to the Confederate flag. Hoge told Rolling Stone, “In my 17-year-old innocent mind, it was exactly what I hear everybody saying now: It’s this sign of independence for a rebel, a guy who … Read more

18 Ways to Be a Great Husband

Being a husband can be challenging. The role is full-time, the learning is never ending, but benefits are priceless. As a man, if you approach these roles with dedication and intention, you will enjoy a life filled with purpose as you have never experienced before. This is the first of a five part series on … Read more

Frank Underwood’s Fictional Southern Background

Kevin Spacey plays snaky politician Frank Underwood in the Netflix original series “House of Cards.” Underwood is everything you’d expect from a stereotypical political villain; brilliant, conniving, adulterous and back stabbing. He does it all under the guise of a proper Southern gentleman, accent to boot. “House of Cards” is wrought with power plays and affairs. … Read more