18 Ways to Be a Great Husband

Being a husband can be challenging. The role is full-time, the learning is never ending, but benefits are priceless. As a man, if you approach these roles with dedication and intention, you will enjoy a life filled with purpose as you have never experienced before. This is the first of a five part series on … Read more

What Do Your Wedding Flowers Say About You?

Choosing just the right flowers for your wedding can be challenging. Brides find themselves calculating the costs or trying to decide which flowers best fit the overall theme of the wedding. Throughout history brides have also chosen flowers based on the flowers’ traditional meanings, and though most brides don’t take the time to worry about … Read more

6 Tips for Getting Your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Down the Aisle

Getting your ring bearer and/or flower girl to walk down the aisle can be a challenge. Many times their walk down the aisle ends in tears. So the question is: how do you avoid this kind of scenario? First, let’s remember that kids are just little people. You can’t make a person do something that … Read more