Watch as Reese Witherspoon Names Every Celebrity from the South She Can Think Of

Reese Witherspoon wears her Southern heritage proudly. Lately, that pride has culminated in a clothing line and its flagship store in Nashville. Recently, she sat down with Refinery29 to do a little PSA for everyone so fans can know just who is and who isn’t from the South. Let’s watch along with Reese as she … Read more

12 Uniquely Southern Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Day is all about food. And though many culinary traditions will differ from family-to-family, there are certain things that hold true no matter where you live — cooking, eating too much, and watching football. However, in the South (the culinary birthplace of buttermilk biscuits, chicken fried steak, and pickled okra) we put a different … Read more

25 Ways to Keep Southern Charm in Your Life No Matter Where You Live

If you were raised in the South you know it is a childhood of a magical existence. There is nothing quite like it the long hours of playing outdoors with mosquitos as big as your hand and humidity as thick as your mama’s cornbread. But, no matter how bad those things may sound, we wouldn’t change … Read more

5 Things Southerners and Northerners Have in Common

We’ve all heard the stereotypes that exist about Southerners and Northerners. These keep us always aware of the differences between the two groups, whether true or not. But what these stereotypes are also doing is building a cultural wall along the Mason-Dixon line. Yes, there are most certainly differences between them. There’s no denying that. … Read more