KFC Is Actually Sending Their Chicken Sandwich To Space

It’s about time we all take a hard, sober look at ourselves. We are surrounded by potential, beset by opportunity, and what do we choose to do with all of our minds, wills, and money? To send a KFC chicken sandwich to space so that it can take a selfie and “look good.” We should … Read more

KFC Enlists Prettiest Man Alive, Rob Lowe, to Be New Colonel Sanders

The fast food company that once dared to put their food in a bowl is now boldly going where no chicken has gone before: space. Maybe. Kentucky Fried Chicken has employed Rob Lowe, yet another Colonel Sanders spokesman, to trumpet the KFC Zinger. The entire marketing scheme is based on sending this spicy chicken sandwich … Read more

Real National Treasure: An Astronaut’s Map that Could Be Worth Billions

In 1963, Gordon Cooper strapped himself to a ballistic missile and was launched into orbit. His mission was to find potential sites for missile silos, but he found found something else: sunken treasure that could be worth billions. Cooper, one of the original astronauts, wrote down coordinates for what he thought could be shipwrecks while … Read more