Arnold Schwarzenegger Will NOT Press Charges Against Drop Kick Bandit Who Assaulted Him

Arnold Schwarzenegger not pressing charges after drop kick incident

There Arnold Schwarzenegger was, minding how own business and doing some good at the Arnold Classic Africa sporting event in South Africa when out of nowhere, he was kicked off his feet. And yes, the whole thing was caught on video. So, Schwarzenegger is going to press charges, right? Wrong. [RELATED: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New “Celebrity Apprentice” … Read more

US Open Winner Naomi Osaka Speaks Up Following Controversial Match Against Serena Williams

On Saturday, September 8, 20-year-old Naomi Osaka became the female US Open Champion after defeating one of her idols, Serena Williams, in Queens. While most in Osaka’s position would be thrilled for the title, her win was slightly overshadowed by controversy. The umpire of the match, Carols Ramos, gave Serena Williams three violations throughout the match; … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Tennis Technique in Hilarious Video Ahead of U.S. Open

It’s long been known that Kelly Clarkson just might be as funny as she is talented, and she certainly showed that off during recently during a Facebook Live video that had her hilariously showing off her tennis techniques. In the video which was filmed to tout her headlining performance at the opening night ceremony of … Read more

U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Suspended From Competing for 14 Months Over Controversial Photo

Wherever there is trouble, there is usually Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. And this time, the trouble he’s in is going to keep him from doing the thing he loves the most – competitive swimming. The United States Anti-Doping Agency announced on Monday (July 23) that Lochte has been suspended from all competitive swimming due to … Read more

8 Horses Running in the Kentucky Derby With Names That Could Be Hilariously Misconstrued

According to, the Kentucky Derby isn’t just a horse race, it’s also the greatest 2 minutes in sports. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with that statement, but I do think it’s a super interesting event and one of my favorite parts of the event is learning the horses’ names. They just keep getting … Read more

Tonya Harding’s Comeback Tour Started Out Really Well During “Dancing With the Stars” Premiere

Whatever you choose to remember about Tonya Harding‘s fall from grace in the mid-’90s, you have to find a way to remember that yes, she was one of the greatest female figure skaters in the world. In the last year, Tonya has returned to the spotlight thanks to Margot Robbie’s “I, Tonya” and now, as a … Read more

Of Course, Figure Skater Adam Rippon Was Amazing During “Dancing With the Stars” Premiere

It only took a few seconds of “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul to introduce Adam Rippon‘s dancing career to the world on “Dancing With the Stars” with partner Jenna Johnson. In case anyone has forgotten, Adam stole the world’s hearts this winter competing as America’s first openly gay athlete in the Olympics as a figure … Read more

Isaiah Fisher Cheering For Mom Carrie Underwood While She Sang the National Anthem Will Bring The Feelings

At this point in his life, even though he is only 3-years-old, Isaiah Fisher has likely been to more hockey games and concerts than almost anyone you know. He’s probably slept through almost all of them, but still– his dad is NHL legend Mike Fisher and his mom is country music superstar Carrie Underwood. As … Read more

President George H.W. Bush Has Been Moved to a Regular Hospital Room and He’s Very Concerned About the Houston Rockets NBA Playoff Chances

President George H.W. Bush seems to be on the mend after spending a few days in the ICU. President Bush was admitted to the hospital just hours after laying his wife former First Lady Barbara Bush to rest after 73 years of marriage. At the time it was reported that the President was battling an … Read more

Maren Morris Sang The National Anthem Before Game 5 of the Nashville Predators’ NHL Playoff Game

Maren Morris sings national anthem at Nashville Predators game

Following in the footsteps of artists such as Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley and a whole host of country singers, Maren Morris is the latest artist to sing the national anthem during the Nashville Predators’ Stanley Cup Playoff run. For the Predators’ Stanley Cup run in 2017, a who’s who list of country singers lined up … Read more

“The Sandlot” Cast Reunites After 25 Years To Play Some Ball

The cast of “The Sandlot” reunited after 25 years apart and, obviously, looked a bit different. They went off and grew up. Time will do that to people. But it was a bit shocking, nonetheless. The kids of summer are now fathers, family men, pay bills and…man, I’m getting old. I guess it came as … Read more

These Photos of Isaiah Fisher Watching Mike Fisher Playing Hockey Are the Sweetest

Last fall, after leading the Nashville Predators to the Stanley Cup finals as captain and after 17 years in the NHL, Mike Fisher retired. He spent time with his wife Carrie Underwood, his son Isaiah and various organizations. Then, as quickly as he left the ice he returned to the Preds to help them on … Read more