Spring Breaker Who Said “If I Get Corona, I Get Corona” Apologizes For Viral Moment— “I Deeply Apologize From the Bottom of My Heart”

Brady Sluder apologizes for Corona interview that went viral

After his video on the news went viral last week, spring breaker Brady Sluder is apologizing for his actions. In a time when people were being quarantined at home and not going out for fear of spreading the virus, Brady was caught on a news interview in Florida as he was partying with his friends … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s #SpringBroke Tweets are College in a Nutshell

Everyone can relate to Jimmy Fallon‘s latest hashtag, #SpringBroke. You all have a story that fits this category. We have all lived off peanut butter sandwiches (bread optional) for a month in order to afford a tiny, terrible motel room within walking distance of a beach. Of course, we thought it was amazing and that … Read more

Pros and Cons of Spring Break According to Jimmy Fallon

I think all of us who have entered the working world can agree that one of the things we miss most about our youth and childhood is the abundance of breaks. Whether it was fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break or summer break, there was something incredibly rejuvenating about having a period of … Read more

4 Healthy Spring Break Cocktail Recipes

You’ve spent the last few weeks prepping for that Spring Break bod so why waste all your calories on a few daiquiris once you hit the beach? Skip the pre-made margarita mix and lay next the pool with a refreshing drink that you won’t have to spend the next 6 weeks working it off in … Read more

Spring Break Playlist

I’m about 11 years past Spring Break, but I know it exists and happens without my participation. Because of different school districts and university schedules, Spring Break lasts around 6 weeks. Yes, 6 long weeks of everyone’s beach pics, ski slope stylings and European Instagrams. No matter your age– there’s no escaping Spring Break. So, … Read more

Best Spring Break Destinations in The South

Spring Break is just around the corner, and where are you planning on sunning yourself? Options abound in The South, and the only problem you’ll have is choosing which trip to book. Best Spring Break Destinations in The South: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Though most won’t think it quite warm enough swim in the sea … Read more