Kristen Bell Rapping A Kris Kross Sprite Commercial From 1993 is the Most Impressive Thing We’ve Ever Seen

We’ve known for a long time that Kristen Bell is more than just an actress. She can sing, dance, be hilarious, mother, take care of people during a hurricane and rap commercials that are 25 years old. Dax Shepard recently shared a video of Kristen wrapping a Sprite commercial from 1993 featuring Kris Kross. We … Read more

7 Unexpected Stories Behind Your Favorite Fizzy Drinks And How They Got Their Names

Soft drinks, sodas, cokes, pop– whatever you call them, they are ubiquitous. It would be odd to go to a restaurant that does not serve them. Many of these drinks did not start as beverages you would want with a meal. In the 19th century, they were medicine using cutting edge techniques to give people … Read more