The Most Popular Cookie In Every State, According to The Cookie Experts

Few things are better than a classic chocolate chip cookie, but it’s important to remember that the world of cookies is expansive. From Snickerdoodle to Peanut Butter to Macadamia, cookies are as diverse as ever– and as it turns out, every state across the U.S. has a favorite– and who better to conduct a survey … Read more

America’s Favorite Christmas Candy By State Proves We Are All Insane

What do you think is your state’s favorite Christmas candy? Take a wild guess. Peppermint bark is delightful. Bowls brimming with Hershey Kisses and M&M’s are everywhere. Some people even like “reindeer corn”, Christmas-colored candy corn. Shame on them. But, before we cast blame on those poor people who don’t know what good candy tastes … Read more

The Most Hated Foods In The USA By State

There is a new dating app that suggests a lasting relationship can be built on common dislikes. No, they say, it isn’t about mutually enjoyed experiences, love can be about mutually despised things. As much as I hate the idea of going on a date to grip about what I don’t like, the new dating … Read more