Meet Your New Favorite Steak: Marinated Flank Steak

Flank steak is one of the more underrated cuts of meat on the market. It is a thinner cut, making some people think it isn’t worth their time, but when it comes to flavor and price, the flank steak can’t be beaten. And once you add this marinade into the mix –shoot!– meet your new favorite … Read more

This Ribeye Steak Recipe Is The One That Made Ree Drummond Famous

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The Easiest Way To Make Food Off The Grill Taste Amazing

There is a profound difference between grey oven-made steak and sizzling meat off the grill. It is an art form for most men. They have their unimpeachable method for cooking; anything else is sin. I’m not here to mess with your method, I think you should add one simple ingredient to the fire: hardwood. I … Read more

Know Your Meat: Everything You Need To Know About Beef

The average 1000 pound steer will produce an average of 403 pounds of retail meat. That’s enough red meat to last a family over a year. But all the meat is not the same: leaner cuts need to be cooked differently than fatty meat. Some cuts are perfect for steaks, while others are better for … Read more

How To Make a Steak House Quality Steak at Home

Have you ever wondered what separates a great steak from an average steak, or why you can never achieve that steak house quality at home? Answer: dry aging. The greatest steakhouses in the world age their meat like they age their wine: in a cold, dark place blending art and science to get the most … Read more

6 Tips for Grilling Better Steaks (According to Science)

There is an unwritten and seldom broken rule when it comes to cooking: never question how a man cooks his steak. Everyone has a method, cooking technique, a special dry rub or marinade and preferred grilling beverage which, when added together, will produce the perfect steak. Steak is high art passed down from fathers to … Read more

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This Steak Tip Marinade Will Be Your New Favorite Way To Dress Your Steak

It’s hard to find the perfect marinade. Lots of things work pretty well, and taste okay, but you don’t want ‘okay’ steaks– you want amazing ones. That’s where this marinade comes in. Try it out next time you want to have steaks, and enjoy the rich flavor and easy prep. Ingredients: 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce … Read more

How to Make a Perfect and Delicious Steak Dinner for Two

Figuring out what restaurant to go to on a date is hard. And, if we’re being honest, it usually adds another level of unneeded stress to an already stressful situation. So, next time you’re planning on taking your significant other, best friend or whoever on a fun, romantic date, try cooking together and more specifically, … Read more