Sterling K Brown Is Hosting SNL This Weekend And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Get ready, “This Is Us” fans, Sterling K Brown is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend! The Golden Globe winner who also had a pivotal role in Marvel’s “Black Panther” will be showing off his comedic chops in a way we haven’t seen before. Sure, we know he can cry on command, but can he … Read more

Sterling K Brown Answered Questions Online About “This Is Us” Only Using GIFs From The Show

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a GIF is an entire conversation. They convey emotion, tone, and everything you don’t have the words to express in a simple image loop. They’re perfect. So when Sterling K Brown announced that he was going to do a Q & A on Twitter using only … Read more

12 Hilariously Sad Tweets From the Super Bowl Episode of “This Is Us”

Everyone in America owes Crock-Pot a long, sincere apology because it didn’t kill Jack Pearson on “This Is Us.” Jack killed Jack? His sentimental nature and kind heart killed him? Right? Right. After a season and a half of speculation and one dramatic house fire, fans finally know what took their beloved TV father away … Read more

Mandy Moore Tried to Describe Each of Her “This Is Us” Co-Stars in One Word, But She Couldn’t

Almost overnight, Mandy Moore went from being the girl who sang “Candy” and starred in “Walk To Remember,” to everyone’s favorite TV mom to love and be annoyed with on “This Is Us.” Like, I am Moore’s age and I vividly remember when “Candy” was huge. I also remember my friends being obsessed with “Walk … Read more

“This Is Us” Creator Says He’s Not Killing Randall (Yet), So Now It’s All We’re Thinking About

Randall Pearson, all-American dad, is everyone’s favorite doting dad and loving husband on “This Is Us” and with Sterling K. Brown’s recent historic Golden Globes win (first black actor to win the TV lead actor drama category), one would think we’d get to be watching him for years to come. But, of course, we’re probably … Read more

“Property Brothers” Was Referenced During “This Is Us,” and Jonathan Scott Said It Gave Him Chills

Spoiler alert for those of you who aren’t caught up on “This Is Us!” During the January 23 episode, Randall suggests to Beth that they should start their own real estate company, R&B Properties, but they would have to do several repairs on their first building. Randall, of course, starts to get ahead of himself, … Read more

11 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 11 of “This Is Us”

After a little over a month, the second season of” This Is Us” picked up right where we left off– Kevin’s in trouble, Kate’s sad and Randall is all over the place. Actually, we meet up with the entire Pearson clan at Kevin’s rehab facility, not to discuss the fact that he drove drunk with … Read more

11 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 9 of “This Is Us”

The fall finale of “This Is Us,” finally brought us a full episode dedicated to the Internet’s favorite of the Big Three– Randall. While I find Sterling K. Brown to be excellent in most everything he does, at times I’ve labeled him a bit dramatic for my tastes. However, this episode was different. It’s like … Read more

Full of List of 2017 EMMY Award Winners

It was a big night for the ladies, sketchy comedy and diversity at the 69th Annual EMMY Awards. Full of List of 2017 EMMY Award Winners: Drama Series“Better Call Saul” (AMC)“The Crown” (Netflix)“The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu)“House of Cards” (Netflix)“Stranger Things” (Netflix)“This Is Us” (NBC)“Westworld” (HBO) Comedy Series“Atlanta” (FX)“Black-ish” (ABC)“Master of None” (Netflix)“Modern Family” (ABC)“Silicon Valley” … Read more

6 Season 2 Spoilers the Cast of “This Is Us” Accidentally Just Spilled

If you’re like most of the world, you became completely and totally obsessed with the Pearson family and “This Is Us” this fall. You’ve probably spent days going back over episodes trying to figure out clues to how Jack dies or who Kevin ends up with. Well, the cast recently got together to promote Red … Read more

The Cast of “This Is Us” Before They Were ‘Us’

If it kind of feels like ” This Is Us” took over the world this year– it did. The stars of the show are everywhere, but most of them have not experienced overnight success, no, they’ve been around for quite some time plugging away on soap operas, crime dramas and angsty teen movies. The Cast … Read more