Leave It to “The Office” Favorite John Krasinski to Give Us “Some Good News”

John Krasinki and steve carrell appear on Some Good News video series

The Office star John Krasinski just made the world smile. Thanks to his new YouTube show “Some Good News,” Krasinski is bringing on the laughs as the world continues to turn despite the spread of the coronavirus. With a handmade sign made by his children hanging on the wall behind him, Krasinski brought on the … Read more

The First Official Trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s New Show is Here, and It Looks Awfully Familiar

Jennifer Aniston in Apple TV show The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon

Apple TV is set to make quite a splash this fall on their new subscription streaming service courtesy of The Morning Show. Starring Jennifer Aniston, the show follows an early morning TV news host who finds herself alone at the anchor desk after her co-host (played by Steve Carell) is fired, possibly for sexual misconduct. … Read more

Steve Carell Recalls the Moment He Found Himself in Front of Kelly Clarkson [WATCH]

Kelly Clarkson and actor Steve Carell have quite a history together, as the two have lived in pop culture history together for quite a while since the 2005 movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Yet, the two hadn’t met each other until earlier this year at the Golden Globes. “My wife and I saw her (at the … Read more

A Trailer for Steve Carell’s New Movie “Welcome to Marwen” Has Been Released and We’re Already in Tears

If you have spent any sort of time at a theatre lately, chances are that you have a caught a look at the trailer for Steve Carell’s new movie “Welcome to Marwen.” And if you haven’t seen it, well this is your lucky day. Based on the life of artist and photographer Mark Hogancamp, the … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Finally Met Steve Carell And It Was Amazing

Last night was historic in many serious ways, but most importantly because of Kelly Clarkson who had the time of her life! After thirteen years of waiting, Clarkson finally met Steve Carell who famously shouted her name in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” while he was getting his chest waxed. Let’s relive that moment. (LANGUAGE WARNING: The … Read more