The Complete 2017 EMMY Nominees List

The Nominations for the 2017 EMMY Awards have been announced this morning to both celebration and consernation. There are some sure fire bets (Nicole Kidman), plenty of snubs (no Mandy Moore), and surprises (Millie Brown for “Stranger Things”) on this list. But be warned: this is a long list. I had no idea there were … Read more

Brad Paisley’s New “Last Time For Everything” is the Coolest Ode the Past (and “Stranger Things” and “Back to the Future”)

Brad Paisley might be the most nostalgic guy in country music. In his own unique way, of course. Paisley’s new single, “Last Time for Everything” is a perfect look back at the past without being super cheesy or cliche because Paisley takes universal feelings and moments and made them personal to his experience. It’s the … Read more

You Have to Hear This Trio Play the “Stranger Things” Theme Song on Their Cellos

Since its release last fall, I have been a big (!!!) fan of the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” Not only has the show provided a totally unique and unvisited storyline, killer special effects and a fresh crew of young actors, but it has also gifted us with an incredible sound track — like, you … Read more

New “Stranger Things” Poster Reveals Eleven’s Surprising New Hairstyle

If you watched Super Bowl LI, you most likely saw the trailer for season two of Netflix‘s “Stranger Things.” And, while it got me incredibly excited for upcoming episodes, the 37-second preview definitely left me with more questions than answers — like, what the actual heck is going on? Well, thankfully for us, Entertainment Weekly … Read more

Someone Recreated The “Stranger Things” Intro With Eggo Waffles

If you watched the Super Bowl, you most likely saw the new trailer for the Netflix original “Stranger Things.” The ad opens with a wave of nostalgia, flashing to a what appears to be an ’80s Eggo waffles commercial. Does this mean Eleven is definitely coming back? Also, did Will accidentally bring the Upside Down … Read more

“Stranger Things” Star Millie Bobby Brown Is Now a Calvin Klein Model

Could this girl get any cooler? After her stunning portrayal of Eleven in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown quickly became America’s latest muse — and rightfully so. From her unmatchable on-screen presence, to her memorable talk show appearances, to her surprising ability to rap and sing, Millie is the full … Read more

30 Celebrities Who Freaked Out Over Meeting the “Stranger Things” Cast

In a matter of weeks, the talented young cast of Netflix‘s original “Stranger Things” became one of the most popular, most sought-after and most recognizable in the industry. Not only is the group of tweens incredibly good at their craft, but they’re adorable, funny and young enough to disregard the stigmas of “the business” — … Read more

“Stranger Things” Star Millie Bobby Brown Says Maddie Ziegler Is Her “Best Friend”

“Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown made her “Ellen Show” debut recently, where she talked about her newfound friendship with former “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler. Despite only knowing her for five months, Millie claims that Maddie is her best friend. And, according to Millie, the two have been through a lot together — even … Read more

Stranger Things In 8 Bit Is All the ’80s Child In Your Life Needs

Stranger Things is already widely known for its ’80s vibe, but when you see it in 8-bit, you probably won’t be able to handle the nostalgia. 8-bit Cinema gamefied a portion of the show, complete with sound effects, 8-bit music, and text dialogue. The result is something incredibly charming that we all want to play. … Read more

The “Stranger Things” Kids Performed “Uptown Funk” at the EMMYs (Further Proving They’re More Talented Than I’ll Ever Be)

Just when I thought the “Stranger Things” kids couldn’t get any cooler, they went and performed “Uptown Funk” at the EMMYs. After stealing the show with their unmatchable red carpet style, Gaten Matarazzo, Millie Bobby Brown and Caleb McLaughlin took the stage for the EMMYs pre-show performance full of killer vocals, stunning harmonization and adorable … Read more

9 Looks from the 68th Annual EMMY Awards You Have to See

The 68th Annual EMMY Awards last just over 4 hours and featured more jokes about OJ Simpson, pulling chains and peanut butter sandwiches than you can imagine, but in between those moments were a few more can’t miss items. 9 Looks from the 68th Annual EMMY Awards You Have to See: 1. Jimmy Kimmel got … Read more