A Bunch Of Country Stars Wore Their Own Clothes For That GQ Style Article

Country stars have a style all to themselves. While a lot of the young artists today are stylish in the same way as everyone else, the stars of the 90’s and traditionalists of today hold on to the embroidered blazers, fancy boots, and bolo ties of the past. GQ highlighted that style in an article … Read more

McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Diamond Encrusted 18K Big Mac Ring Because…Love?

McDonald’s is putting on one of the strangest viral ad campaigns in recent history. They are asking people to tweet about their love for any one of the three sizes of Big Macs. The funniest, most unique tweet will win a diamond and sapphire encrusted 18K gold big Mac ring. Why you ask? Because “love … Read more

Try Not To Laugh Out Loud When You Hear Florida Georgia Line Talk About Style In 2014

The fellas of Florida Georgia Line obviously care about style and being on trend. The problem is that when trends change the old styles looks incredibly outdated, even silly. In 2014, FGL gave us an insider’s look into country style but between their thrift store threads and “mild obsession with jewelry” it’s pretty hard not … Read more

10 Ski Suits For Women That Will Turn Heads On The Slopes

It is finally ski/snowboard season! You may have been working on your form all year, but anyone who has been to the slopes knows that looking good is half of the fun. You can bog yourself down with luggage full of pants, jackets, long underwear, etc. or you could save space, look great and have … Read more

9 Christmas Nail Art Ideas That Are The Perfect Amount of Festive

There are few things I love more than getting my nails done, but I usually opt out of getting designs or accent nails. In my personal opinion, there’s a fine line between nail art looking really cute and classy, or really cheesy and tacky– especially when it’s holiday themed. These nail art ideas are festive … Read more

Lauren Akins’ New Line Of Sunglasses Provides Support To Orphans Around The World

Lauren Akins is a woman of purpose. She is the sort of person to fight for those who are hurting and helpless, to do all she can to bring some light into this world. And you know what? We at One Country are all about it! Her latest project partnering with DIFF Eyewear serves an … Read more

7 Times Brittany Aldean Has Given Us Major Hair Envy

If you scroll through Brittany Aldean’s Instagram, you’ll find lots of photos of her and Jason, her girlfriends, and of course their fur babies. But every time I scroll through Brittany Aldean’s Instagram, I find myself getting major hair envy. Whether she’s wearing it straight or curly or even in braids, it looks flawless every. … Read more

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf That You Never Thought Were Possible

The trees are changing colors and the air is getting cooler, which means it’s time to break out the boots, sweaters, cardigans and scarves! (Can I get a hallelujah!?) When it comes to scarf wearing, I usually keep it pretty simple–that was until I saw this video. As it turns out, there are so many … Read more

5 Common Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making Every Single Day

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. Sure, now I take care of it and make a conscious effort to keep it strong and healthy, but over the years I’ve caused it lots of damage from late night box dyeing with friends and overusing heating tools. There are actually lots of little things you’re … Read more

5 New Items From Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James Collection That Are Perfect For Your Home

As if we all needed more reason to love Reese Witherspoon and her style brand Draper James, the latest items in the Draper James home goods collection are affordable, classy, and absolutely perfect for fall. The new collection features lots of blue and white gingham with pink and gold accents, but my favorite item of … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Tries To Pull Off Russell Westbrook’s Style And Kind Of Does

Style is equal parts confidence and comfort. You have to like what you wear and then have the confidence to own it, no matter how “out there” you outfit might be. You just can’t care what people think. That’s Russell Westbrook, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player and fashion icon. That’s not late night talk show … Read more

Mandy Moore Tries To answer For Her Early 2000’s Red Carpet Style Choices

No one should have to answer for their teenage style. It’s an embarrassing stage of life for everyone. Looking at the pictures is equal parts hilarious, embarrassing, and fills the heart with regret. So, naturally, NBC’s “TODAY” thought they should make Mandy Moore explain her teenage red carpet style and, man, why would you do … Read more