15 Best College Football Tailgating Experiences

Tailgating. While nearly every sport in the world does it, college football does it best (and some schools do it way better than others). With that in mind, here is a list of the top 15 tailgating schools in college football. Did I leave your school off the list? 15 Best College Football Tailgating Experiences: … Read more

Beer Pretzels With Beer Cheese Dip Is The Perfect Way To Start Any Tailgating Party

We’ve had wings, chips and salsa, and hot dogs or hamburgers at nearly every tailgating party we’ve been to. These are all great recipes, but they’ve had their day. Sometimes you want something just a little bit different for your time watching the big game, and these beer pretzels with beer cheese dip hit the … Read more

4 Tailgating Recipes You’ll Want to Tackle

What’s not to love about this time of year? Even though summer is officially over, which can be pretty depressing, there’s just something so magical about the fall. You start to feel that chill in the air and plan your weekends around when your beloved football team is playing. If you’re really lucky, you’ve even … Read more

4 Sliders Recipes That Will Make Your Gameday Easy

Whether you’re trying to get food on the table before the game, or your kiddo has a game and you’re trying to fill bellies before getting out the door, sliders make for the perfect solution. These sliders make for an easy pop in the oven and go kind of meal, and they’re delicious to boot. … Read more

Tailgating Playlist: Arkansas Razorbacks

Getting one’s self mentally prepared for a college football is an art. More often than not fans overlook a key factor in mental preparation– the playlist. It’s time to turn off the predictions and the pundits and get down to what fans are supposed to do– support their team. The Arkansas Razorbacks are always an … Read more

These Chicken Caesar Salad Lettuce Wraps Make For An Addictive Healthy Snack Or Meal

Good caesar salad is hard to come by, but when it’s done right, the creamy dressing mixes perfectly with lettuce and toppings to make a salad that’s almost better than the meal after it. If you’re looking to eat it in a slightly different way, though, we have these delicious caesar salad lettuce wraps. They’re … Read more

End Your Summer Right With The Perfect Labor Day Burger

Labor Day is upon us, and that means no more swimming pool, fewer barbecues, and more school for the kids. Fortunately, it also means tailgating, football, piles of leaves, and pumpkin patches. Regardless of how you’re bidding the summer goodbye, everyone needs a good burger to seal the deal. This incredible burger takes its flavor … Read more

These 5 Cute Hairstyles Will Have You Ready To Tailgate In No Time

With the rushing involved in tailgating festivities, sometimes it’s hard to find time to mess with your hair. We usually resort to throwing our hair up in a ponytail in a rush out the door, but you can keep you hair out of your face and look fantastic with these adorable styles. Check them out … Read more

3 Skinny Versions of Your Favorite Tailgate Foods

In the South, fall equals football season. Weekends revolve around Saturday college football, and there are tons of get-togethers and parties to go to so you can watch the big game. Instead of reaching for the Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles, you can try these lightened-up football favorites at your next watch party or tailgate. … Read more