The First Time Johnny Cash Sang “Man In Black” Is As Powerful Today As It Was In 1971

We all know Johnny Cash as “The Man in Black” but he wasn’t always that way. The style choice was little more than that until Cash visited Vanderbilt University in 1971. Conversations he had on campus inspired a protest song which he later performed on his special “Johnny Cash On Campus.” The video shows one … Read more

Try Not To Laugh Out Loud When You Hear Florida Georgia Line Talk About Style In 2014

The fellas of Florida Georgia Line obviously care about style and being on trend. The problem is that when trends change the old styles looks incredibly outdated, even silly. In 2014, FGL gave us an insider’s look into country style but between their thrift store threads and “mild obsession with jewelry” it’s pretty hard not … Read more

Mandy Moore Shared The Best Christmas-Themed #TBT Headshot But Has No Explanation As To Why It Exists

Well y’all, it looks like Mandy Moore has officially won #ThrowbackThursday forever. In an Instagram post, Mandy shared a hilariously cheesy headshot where she’s decked in Santa gear– and to top it off, the headshot is is complete with little holiday clipart icons next to her name in a totally ’90s script font. “If you’re … Read more

Kacey Musgraves Wins #TBT By Posting Her Detention Slips

Now, Kids, I’m not condoning bragging about detention, but this was a pretty epic move by Kacey Musgraves. Apparently, in high school Kacey Musgraves was accused of “continuous classroom disruption,” “wandering the halls without permission” and “excessive tardiness.” And she did the time for the crime. I don’t think Ms. Dixon was an early fan … Read more

The Ultimate #TBT: 8 Major Events That Happened On June 15th

What is the most important day of the year? You might say your birthday, your anniversary, or the day of a life changing event. But there are some days that live in infamy because major events regularly occur on that date throughout history. June 15th is one of those days. From the founding of basic … Read more

Ellen’s 27 Best #TBT Photos Of All Time

Throwback Thursday is undoubtedly one of the internet’s best gifts of all time. Not only does it give us a look into our friend’s, family’s and celebrity crushes’ past lives, but it reminds us all how hilarious life really is. And while I love seeing #TBT posts from everyone I follow on social media, my … Read more

3-Year-Old Brett Eldredge Singing While Riding a Power Wheel is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

Brett Eldredge has five No. 1 singles to his name, a CMA New Artist of the Year Award in his house and a video to prove he comes by it honestly. As Eldredge gears up to host “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” on at 8 p.m ET on Wednesday, Aug. 3 on ABC, … Read more

Check Out This Throwback Video of An 18-Year Old Chris Young Singing “Because Of You”

If you were to look at the throwback video that Chris Young posted on his Instagram of him from 2003, you probably wouldn’t recognize him. But by the time that he starts singing, , there’s no doubt. We knew that Young had pipes, but apparently he’s had them for quite some time. Check out this … Read more

3-Year-Old Kacey Musgraves Competing in Little Miss Tater Tot Pageant is God’s Gift to the Internet

Kacey Musgraves claims she isn’t pageant material and a few months ago, she told the Detroit News it was because, “I did one when I was 3 or 4. In our town, we have this sweet potato festival every year, and every year they crown the Sweet Potato Queen, and the little girls get to … Read more

10 Years Ago Taylor Swift Sent Out Her First Single!

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Taylor Swift sent out her first single to radio? It’s true! Swift’s record label just posted a pretty epic #TBT to prove it. #TBT to Taylor Swift mailing out her first single, “Tim McGraw” to radio stations from our office! Can’t believe this was TEN years ago!Posted … Read more

Tyler Hubbard is a Dapper Gent

These days, Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line is kind of into flat bills, skinny jeans and tattoos, but back in the day he was quite the little gentleman. Tyler posted this amazing throwback picture of his family, which was clearly taken for a church directory and he was looking super fresh and very happy. … Read more

That Time Kris Kristofferson Sang “Me and Bobby McGee” at Austin City Limits

I’ll be the first to admit it took me way too long to figure out Kris Kristofferson wrote “Me and Bobby McGee.” Dozens of artists have recorded and performed the song over the years, but none quite like Janis Joplin and her 1971 version, which reached No. 1 after her untimely death. Kristofferson’s version of … Read more