10 Country Music Videos From 1999 That Will Make You Giggle

Remember when making a country music video only consisted of a sexy co-star, maybe a desert landscape and if on a good day, some dim lighting? Things were just simpler in 1999– you could hear a pop song on the radio and just call up Justin Timberlake and ask his boy band to re-record the song with you. Or, you could just create your own pop alter-ego like Garth Brooks did.


1. “Stand Beside Me” // Jo Dee Messina

Your man can’t stand beside you because you’re all up on that wall.

2. “How Forever Feels” // Kenny Chesney

The neon-clad dancers with visible thongs really make this one a gem.

3. “You Were Mine” // Dixie Chicks

This one is actually totally depressing. Minus those outfits.

4. “Single White Female” // Chely Wright

We have always thought the best place to meet someone would be church or some form of public transportation like a city bus.

5. “When I Said I Do” // Clint Black

Great song, but this video is basically dripping in cheese.

6. “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You” // Alabama featuring *NSYNC

What if Alabama did this now? No, why did Alabama even do this in the first place?

It’s even worse after you watch *NSYNC’s original.

7. “Breathe” // Faith Hill

Just makes us want to ask Faith Hill how often she washes her sheets– especially with that desert dust around.

8. “Ordinary Love” // Chad Brock

Probably should pan out on Chad every now and then.

9. “A Night To Remember” // Joe Diffie

You know it’s a good video when there’s a guy wandering around a field playing his guitar.

10. “Lost In You” // Chris Gaines

An absolute masterpiece and a perfect example of something that was acceptable in 1999 for some unknown reason.

Image Source: YouTube

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