Gwen Stefani’s Performance of “Don’t Speak” on “The Voice” Was Almost Too Good

It’s been a hell of a week for iconic singers and their signature getting rebirthed during primetime network TV. First, Celine Dion delivered an absolutely stunning version of “My Heart Will Go On” from 1997 during the Billboard Music Awards and now, we’ve all but forgotten that performance after Gwen Stefani delivered a soul-crushing duet … Read more

Brennley Brown Doesn’t Impress with Sara Evans’ “Suds In The Bucket” on “The Voice”

“Suds In The Bucket” was not the song for Brennley Brown‘s semi-finals performance on “The Voice.” For the first time all competition she looked and sounded her age and more than anything, she looked like she was going to hurt that guitar. I’m not sure this was entirely her fault. During rehearsals coach Gwen Stefani … Read more

#TeamGwen and a Gospel Choir Performed Coldplay’s “Fix You” on “The Voice” with Lots of Glitter Confetti

There’s no doubt that Gwen Stefani has forever left her mark on music. No Doubt was one of the most successful bands of the ’90s and her solo career stands up to just about anyone’s. But, maybe she shouldn’t cover Coldplay on “The Voice” with team. The gospel choir was a nice touch, but it … Read more

#TeamAdam Looks Unbeatable After Big Elimination Night on “The Voice”

It’s crunch time on “The Voice“ and #TeamAdam and #TeamGwen felt the pressure during the first live playoffs. This is where we really start to see separation between the teams and find out who the real contenders will be. I’ll be shocked if the winner isn’t from #TeamAdam. They’ve got range, raw talent, and are … Read more

Brennley Brown Nailed Maddie and Tae’s “Fly” During Live Playoffs on “The Voice”

Brennley Brown is one of the youngest contestants on “The Voice,” but she’s sure got a good thing going. During her first live appearance on the show, Brown sang the empowering hit, “Fly” from country youngsters Maddie & Tae. During rehearsals Brown told her coach Gwen Stefani that she felt like she was ready to … Read more

Celine Dion REALLY Loved This Version of Her Song on “The Voice”

In 2003, Celine Dion released One Heart, which included her version of “I Drove All Night. Prior to Celine, Cyndia Lauper and Roy Orbison had recorded the tune. But, no version is quite like the one Johnny Gates and Sammie Zonana came up with for their battle round performance on “The Voice.” Johnny and Sammie … Read more