Prime Day Has Been Extended! Here Are 10 Amazon Prime Day Deals You Won’t Want To Miss

The time has come, y’all! Once a year, Amazon blesses their Prime members with a day of incredible deals— and while Amazon may have experienced a few technical difficulties on their planned Prime Day (July 16), they’ve extended their deals an extra day to make sure everyone gets in on the goodness. Here are 10 deals that are … Read more

7 Robot Vacuums People Are Obsessed With Right Now

Right now, everyone on my Instagram and Facebook feeds is sharing videos of their brand new robotic vacuums. You know, the ones that look like a Sony Discman, but actually work a lot better going over bumps and moving around. I’ve been trying to decide if I should get one for myself and so far, … Read more

Jim Beam Created a “Smart Decanter” That Talks and Pours You Bourbon, and It Only Costs $35

Well folks, I’ve done it. I’ve found the perfect gift for the person who literally has everything! According to a press release from Jim Beam, the company has released the first-ever “smart decanter,” and it’s actually pretty amazing. The device, called “JIM,” is voiced by 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe. It includes a compartment … Read more

Texas Woman Filming Herself During A Halftime Show Is Everyone’s Grandmother

There is nothing quite like the Texas A&M marching band. If you have ever seen them live, you know what I mean. Their precision, uniformity, and excellence is really something to behold even for fans of the opposing team. One Aggie fan attempted to record the show but, in a classic Grandma way, ended up … Read more

Taylor Swift Announced She’s Launching Her Own App That Will Include “Taymojis”

Taylor Swift has been pretty quiet on social media lately, even after her launch of her “Look What You Made Me Do” video, but this week she posted a video to her YouTube channel with some exciting news, giving us a sneak peek at her next big venture: The Taylor Swift App. According to the … Read more

Here’s A Preview Of The New Emoji You Can Expect To See On Your iPhone Soon

It’s about that time again, folks! Apple has announced that they are getting ready to launch a whole new set of Emoji icons, and the list of additions is GOOD. When gender and skin tone variations are taken into account, we can expect a total of 239 new Emoji. The new icons will be available … Read more

A Woman Was Mistakenly Added To A Group Text With A Bunch Of Soccer Moms And She Hilariously Trolled Them

When Christi Rantis Lally was accidentally added onto a group text conversation with a bunch of soccer moms, she didn’t tell them they had the wrong number. Instead she responded in the best way possible, and she’s officially our new hero for it. Also, she really seems to know a lot about soccer players, so … Read more

9 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Understand

My grandparents always used to tell me stories about waking up at 5 a.m. to feed the pigs and milk the cows and walking to school up hill (in both directions) in the snow-– things like that. They told me these stories knowing I’d never understand those struggles, which is true, but my generation growing … Read more

5 Technologies that are Spoiling Modern Parents (In a Good Way)

Modern parents are a little spoiled, and that’s totally okay. Life raising kids is busy, messy, and crazy, and if there are ways to make things easier on parents then bring ’em on. It’s not quite to the point of “The Jetsons,” but we’re getting pretty close; and once you add new technology to parenthood, … Read more