The “Stranger Things” Kids Reveal What Teens Really Do On Their Phones

Every so often a local news anchor “breaks” a story about some new teen trend that is always two months late and super wrong. They talk about a new teen drug that no one has ever heard of, completely misinterpret some slang, or think they have broken a complex texting code that gets into “what … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s “The Typical Beef Cheese” Is Pure Comedy And Proves Talking Is Outdated

“Despicable Me 3” is a mouthful. It’s just a bunch of syllables smashed together that people know to mean “Minions! Gru! Fluffy!” Even if a person were to say random words that vaguely rhymed with “Despicable Me 3”, like “Typical Beef Tree” or “The Pickle Will Eat Me”, people would not notice the difference. Seriously, … Read more

4 Ways to Pick the Perfect GIF Every Time

Allow me to be absurd for just a moment. There is an art to texting. Distilling all of your emotion and expectations abbreviated versions of well known words requires a deft hand and sharp mind. Some cannot handle the pressure and turn to emoji’s to give generic feeling to their words. Others stumble through simple … Read more