Former “The Chew” Star Mario Batali Faces Criminal Charges in Sexual Assualt Case

Mario Batali indecent assault and battery charges

Acclaimed chef and former The Chew co-host Mario Batali is facing quite a bit of legal trouble once again, as the former The Chew star will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on charges of indecent assault and battery. According to People magazine, the assault allegations stem from a March 2017 incident in which a … Read more

“The Chew” Ends After 7 Seasons With Farewell Episode

ABC’s hit show “The Chew” has officially said goodbye after 7 seasons on the air.  “7 seasons. 1,500 shows. 201,343 audience members. 1,121 celebrity guests. 6,630 recipes made. 1 epic farewell,” the show captioned a post on Instagram showing hosts Michael Symon, Clinton Kelly and Carla Hall cheers-ing with a glass of champagne.  View this … Read more

“The Chew” Has Officially Been Canceled After 7 Seasons on ABC

Sad news from ABC! According to a press release, the network has canceled “The Chew” after seven seasons.  “After seven seasons, 1454 episodes, multiple Emmy nominations and two Emmy Awards, “The Chew” will cease production at the end of this season but will continue to air as planned until September with all-new episodes airing in … Read more

Carla Hall Opens Up About Mario Batali Leaving “The Chew” After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In December of last year, TV chef Mario Batali was fired from “The Chew,” leaving his three co-stars (Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon) to run the show on their own. Now, Carla Hall is speaking up about what his departure was like and how their team has managed to move forward, and she … Read more

Giada De Laurentiis Says She Wasn’t Shocked to Hear About Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Giada De Laurentiis isn’t one to usually put herself in the middle of other people’s drama, but when it came to Mario Batali’s alleged sexual misconduct, she spoke up. Batali was fired from “The Chew” in December after sexual harassment allegations against him surfaced. Giada recently appeared on the Eater’s Upsell Podcast where she was asked … Read more

Clinton Kelly Will Appear as a Guest Designer on the “Trading Spaces” Reboot

Paige Davis and the rest of the “Trading Spaces” crew are heading back to TLC after a 10-year hiatus, and we can’t wait to see them back in action. Davis went on “The Chew” to discuss the reboot and to cook alongside the hosts, and she ended up sharing some pretty big news. “We have … Read more

“The Chew” Hosts Shared What They Would Choose For Their Last Meal and Clinton Chose a Giant Bowl of Apple Jacks

If you’re weird like me, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about what your last meal would be if you had the chance to choose. I personally go back and forth between something homemade by my mom or a meal from Chick-Fil-A. Celebrities like Ina Garten and Kim Kardashian have talked about what they’d pick … Read more

Clinton Kelly’s Mexican Lentil Soup Recipe As Seen On “The Chew”

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s still hard for me to see Clinton Kelly as anything other than the well-dressed fashion expert on “What Not to Wear,” but he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite food gurus, too! On a recent episode of “The Chew,” Clinton shared his Mexican lentil soup recipe, and … Read more

Sara Evans Talks Cinnamon Rolls and Christmas Music On “The Chew”

Sara Evans was in the middle of her 8th stop At Christmas Tour when she visited the set of “The Chew” to talk Christmas music and recipes from her mom. The Missouri native has learned a lot from her mom growing up, but we all have that one thing that our moms make that we … Read more

GMA’s Ginger Zee Went on “The Chew” to Talk About Her New Book and Her Depression Battle: “This is the Final Chapter in Me Healing”

Over the last couple of weeks, Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee opened up about her ongoing struggle with depression alongside her new book, “Natural Disaster.” She went on “The Chew” to make carbonara with Clinton Kelly, and talked more about her decision to open up about her battle with depression. “This is something that … Read more

“The Chew’s” Clinton Kelly Shares Cherry Margarita Recipe, Plus His Smart Rule About Tequila

The holidays are here, and the pressure is on to find the perfect Christmas-themed cocktails and recipes for the season. On the most recent episode of “The Chew,” Clinton Kelly shared his cherry margarita recipe, one he claims that both margarita lovers and those who don’t usually like margaritas will enjoy. He acknowledged that while … Read more

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Hilariously Answered Zero Correct Questions About Each Other on “The Chew”

How well do Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood know each other? Well, you’d think fairly well after hosting the CMA Awards together for so many years, but when they appeared on “The Chew” together to play a game of “Quick-Fire Co-Host Q&A,” they got every question wrong, but it was hilarious. Carla Hall asked them … Read more