Adele Tells Ellen the Three Curse Words She Says When She’s Angry

After Adele went to Jamba Juice with Ellen (in her ear), she also played a fun little game called 5-Second-Rule. The game is pretty easy, all you have to do is answer a question in under 5 seconds, you also have to be really honest. Adele rarely has a problem being honest, so when she … Read more

Cam Wore a Blue Dress on “The Ellen Show” and She Was Really, Really Excited to Be There

In a rare moment for country music’s current “it” girl, Cam busted out a blue dress for her debut performance on “The Ellen Show.” It was also the television debut for her new single, “Mayday.” Cam was especially excited to meet Ellen DeGeneres, saying, “…she’s been a huge inspiration to me, my mom, and my … Read more

Hillary Clinton Played Heads Up! with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres introduced the world to the game Heads Up! a couple of years ago and it’s even taking over the 2016 presidential election and campaign season. During a recent appearance on “The Ellen Show,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Ellen that her campaign staffers stay up until 3 or 4 o’clock in the … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres is Afraid Some Holiday Trends Are Going Too Far

In an effort to preserve the holiday season, Ellen DeGeneres has finally asked the question– how far is too far with holiday trends? Ellen has pointed out that people aren’t just wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, they are painting their bodies like ugly Christmas sweaters. As an alternative to a Christmas tree, some men are decorating … Read more

Ellen Visits with a Young Cancer Survivor and the Arkansas Man Who Saved Her Life

As a born and raised Arkansan, there are a lot of things about the state I’m proud of. I’m proud that it’s a hidden gem, I’m proud that it’s constantly growing and changing, I’m proud of its beauty, I’m proud of the Ozark mountains that I’m lucky enough to call home, but most importantly, I’m … Read more

Ellen’s Epic Squad Set to Rival Taylor Swift’s #GirlSquad

You’ve heard of Taylor Swift‘s famous #GirlSquad, right? It’s that group of girls that Taylor hangs out with, invites on stage at her shows and takes cute Instagram pictures with. Well, Ellen, the queen of comedy, has just announced that she has her own very own squad. According to Ellen, her squad is even “squaddier” than Taylor’s squad. We … Read more

8 Times Ellen DeGeneres Scared Someone Famous

If there’s something we love more than Ellen DeGeneres and her dances moves it’s when she pulls out (or puts up?) the hidden camera on her guests. The best-hidden camera prank from Ellen comes in the form of scaring guests when they enter into the dressing room bathroom. To get in the mood for Halloween … Read more