Heinz Just Released “Mayochup” And People Are Upset For The Strangest Reason

Heinz is a family company built on traditional condiments. Ketchup. Mustard. Mayonaisse. It’s a simple business that they have decided to make more complicated earlier this week. The company is releasing “Mayochup”, a combination of mayo and ketchup that results in a creamy beige tomato sauce. The Internet has gotten up in arms (shocker), but for an odd … Read more

Jennifer Garner Proves, Once Again, That She Is The Most Relatable Celebrity In Hollywood

We have to be reminded that celebrities are just like us. They seem so separate, so distant from the everyday problems of our lives. But Jennifer Garner is different. She is candid, down to earth, and completely relatable. When she sat down with Wired to answer the internet’s most asked questions about herself and ended up … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini Singing Passive Aggressive Internet Comments Is The Greatest Thing On The Internet

There is nothing worse than an internet comment section. It is the lair of trolls, home of haters, and the avenue for insane thoughts. So why not spice it up a little? Why not have Kelsea Ballerini sing the comments as if they were country songs? Well, it happened and it’s not only amazing but … Read more

Walmart Employee Stuns Shoppers With A Powerful Version Of The National Anthem

Trussville, Alabama residents celebrated the ribbon cutting for their new Walmart pick-up service earlier this week in a unique way. Instead of a standard cutting with large scissors for a pool of photographers, Walmart employee Sabrina Barnes sang the National Anthem. Her powerful rendition was filled with more meaning than anyone would have guessed. “My … Read more

This Baby Had A Religious Experience When She Tried Pizza For The First Time

Pizza makes everything seem right, even if you are on a diet. When you bite into that cheesy, carb-filled goodness, you just know that this is how you were meant to live. Forget counting carbs. Forget the day’s troubles. You have pizza. But, if you can, imagine what it was like to eat pizza for … Read more

Dierks Bentley Shaving His Mustache Is Pure Comedy

For any man who has fallen in love with his mustache, this video is too real. Dierks Bentley posted a video of himself in a public bathroom with an electric razor knowing that he should shave his ‘stache but wanting nothing less. By the time it comes off, he knows he’s made a huge mistake. … Read more

People Are Going Crazy For The Norway Curling Team’s Fancy Uniforms

Curling has, once again, swept the nation. We all begin baffled by curling and then, after watching it for around 20 minutes, get so into the sport that we begin shouting at the tv about center guards and over-turned stones. The US had a less than stellar showing this year so American fans are picking … Read more

The Kid Who Tried To Lick The Camera Is Our Favorite Person At the Olympics Right Now

Kids are the best. To them, the world is all bright and fresh and new, so they simply react to it. No one has told them what is “appropriate” so we they simply act as themselves. Take, for example, the kid who tried to lick the camera during the Winter Olympics. Most people would just … Read more

Everyone Is Making Fun Of The Rock’s New Movie Poster And It Is Hilarious

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a machine. I do not understand how he does so much. But that work ethic may be catching up with him. When you do a lot, that means that a lot of things you do won’t be good. For example, The Rock’s latest movie “Skyscraper,” beyond the fact that people … Read more

McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Diamond Encrusted 18K Big Mac Ring Because…Love?

McDonald’s is putting on one of the strangest viral ad campaigns in recent history. They are asking people to tweet about their love for any one of the three sizes of Big Macs. The funniest, most unique tweet will win a diamond and sapphire encrusted 18K gold big Mac ring. Why you ask? Because “love … Read more

Sterling K Brown Answered Questions Online About “This Is Us” Only Using GIFs From The Show

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a GIF is an entire conversation. They convey emotion, tone, and everything you don’t have the words to express in a simple image loop. They’re perfect. So when Sterling K Brown announced that he was going to do a Q & A on Twitter using only … Read more